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Fertilizer commodities

DAP - Diammonium Phosphate

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DAP FOB NOLA Swap Future
Aug 12
06/07/2012 usd 518.75 pt

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Specifications: DAP - Diammonium Phosphate Agricultural Fertilizer
DAP Fertilizer 46-18-0
Nitrogen (Nitrate free) 18.0% minimum;

N-P-K Agricultural Fertilizer

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SPECIFICATION: N-P-K: - Agricultural Fertilizer
N:P:K = 15%:15%:15%
N:P:K = 16%:16%:16%
N:P:К = 13%:19%:19%
N:P:К = 10%:26%:26%
N:P:К:S = 20%:10%:10%:2%
N:P:K:S = 22%:7%:12%:2%
N:P:K:S = 27%:6%:6%:2%
N:P = 26%:13%
N:P = 18%:46%
N:P = 23%:21%

No. Item Standard of Manufacturer;
1. Moisture per cent by weight,maximum 1.0;
2. Total nitrogen per cent by weight, minimum 10.0;

Sulphur Coated Urea

S.C.U Fertilizer

• Description of Sulphur Coated Urea (SCU) Fertilizer
As its name indicates,"SCU fertilizer" is a fertilizer which is produced by the capsulization of urea with the elements appropriate for soil such as sulphur and sealant which itself consists of some different elements. And based on its special formula, it provides the plant with the nutritious contents of urea fertilizer on a slow release basis over a 40-day output period.

We explain its advantages and specifications as follows:
• Necessity of Replacing Urea Fertilizer by SCU Fertilizer Nitrogen is one of the main nutritious elements which the plant receives through urea fertilizer. However , the reason for the selection of SCU fertilizer instead of uncoated urea fertilizer is as follows:

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