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Terms and Conditions

We are dealing with Yellow and Green Peas. 
standards ISO 605 and GOST (below)

Seller will deliver Yellow and Green Peas ex Ukraine or Russia
- on CFR basis Incoterms 2010 to ASWP (any save word port) by containers;
- on CFR basis Incoterms 2010 to Mediterranean Sea ports by vessels. 
Price could be send to buyer against LOI and Company Profile.
Payments could be done by LC (Letter of Credit) UCP 600 apply or CAD (cash against documents) depends on the buyer.
Samples are available upon request and cost of delivery to be paid by buyer but quality will be based in the contract concluded.
Quality always according to the contract.

For your information price evaluation:

- on 2013-2014 marketing year Indian market
- on June 2014

International Fundamental:

- Canada export 97200 tonne of peas during the week (June 2-8,2014), up from 52,200 tonne exported in previous week. The Canadian pea export till date totalled at 15,08,000 tonne in this year. Meanwhile, Canadian lentil export down to 8000 tonne in reported week, as compared with 55800 tonne exported in previous week. This leads to total lentil export till date at 314100 tonne -CGC
- French field pea export totalled at 14280 tonne in April, down 10% from 15875 tonne shipped in March,2014 and down 39% from 23385 tonne shipped in reported month during last year-UNIP.
- USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation office release purchase tender for 3,070 tonne of pulses for shipment between July 1 to July 22 and between July 23 to August 13.
Outlook: - Buying at lower level would support by some fresh buying while, continuous arrivals of pulses could weigh on the prices.

Cash Market

This week CFR Mumbai prices
Yellow Peas Canadian origin by vessel in bulk - 415 usd/mt
Yellow Peas Canadian origin by FCLs in bulk - 445 usd/mt
Green Peas Canadian origin by FCLs in bulk - 580 usd/mt
Yellow Peas (#2) 11.06.2014  $231.23 EXW Calgary, Canada
The feeding pea market trades at 220 €/t nominal, August 2014 basis, FOB Creil, France.

If you need to trade or support please visit Trade section of the site for future details, send LOI/SCO or add you comments below.
We will revert as soon as possible.

Russian standard GOST 28674-90 PEAS
Impurities include:
1)    all particles which have passed through the sieve 2.5 mm.
2)    all particles which have not passed through the sieve 2.5 mm, including:
    - inorganic impurities: jack-stones, lumps of either soil or cinder, ore, etc.
    - organic impurities: seed coats, stalks, leaves, pods

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