Terms and Conditions

We are selling Crude Sunflower Oil Ukrainian Origin on FOB or CIF basis Incoterms 2010 to ASWP (any save word port) 
ve sunoil crude

Price could be send to buyer against Inquiry and Company Profile.

Payments could be done by LC (Letter of Credit) UCP 600 apply or CAD (cash against documents) depends on the buyer.

Packaging: in bulk

Quantity: 500mt/month

Quality of Crude Sunflower Oil
Smell and taste: Peculiar to sunflower oil

Asid number, mg KON/g: no more than - 4,0
Peroxide value, mmole ½O/kg: no more than - 10,0
Mass fraction of phosphorus compounds in recalculation of stearooleoletsitin: no more than -0,40
Colour number, mg I: no more than -25,00
Moisture and volatile matter,%: no more than 0,15
Fatless admixtures, %: absent
Flash point, t˚ C: more 225
Iodine value , I3/100g: 128-145
Unsaponiflable matter, %: 1,2
Aflatoxins B1, mg/kg: no more than 0,005
Zearalenon, mg/kg: no more than 1,0
DDT ,mg/kg: no more than 0,1
Benzopyrene: no more than 2

Fatty acid composition, %:
C16 Palmitic: 3,0-10,0
C18 Stearic: 1,0-10,0
C18:1 Oleic: 14,0-35,0
C18:2 Linoleic: 50,0-75,0
C20 Arachidic: less 1,5

Heavy metals, mg/kg, no more than,
Cu: 0,5
Pb: 0,1
Cd: 0,05
As: 0,1
Hg: 0,03
Fe: 5,0

Radioactive elements:
Cs137, Bg/kg 600
Sr90, Bg/kg

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