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co-logo-pas Dear Sirs/ Madam,

Given brokerage portal PAS&Trade serves for establishment of business relations between the companies of various orientation and for interaction on mutually advantageous conditions.

It is quite natural, that the first accessible information will be about managers of a site and our partners.
We will place contact data of your company if it will be logic addition of the given project and will serve its development and development of your company.
PAS&Trade portal is constantly supplemented with new information. If you are interested in certain additional information on data of the section, if it is not breaking principles of confidentiality, we can present it according to inquiry.

Best regards
Admin PAS&Trade

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Activity and Structure

PAS (Professional Accuracy Service) and Trade is Trade Portal.

All static support information presented as Article at portal Support sections (Contracts, Commodities, Contacts). Please concede that support information is presenting as practical experience and could be used on your own risk. 

There is dynamic Trade portal at Home section. You can add trade lots (sell/buy) after registration and Login.
- Registration is allow adjust yours trade lot any time based on the market situations any time at My Trade. Your Trade Lots presented or corrected have to be approve by Admin.
- Visitors and/or Principals can send feed back to the owner of the trade lot using form Contact Author located after each trade lot. This is feed back to Admin and to You. 
- Commercial lots express the position of Principals. There are trade lots to be considering as inquiry and ground for future LOI/ SCO or ICPO/ FCO. 

Main focus is to work with team of sellers, buyers and service companies interested in trading of commodities by vessels, trucks, wagons or in containers on Incoterms basis. Please do not hesitate to contact Administrator for support.
- If you wish to add the second lot, please save previous one and add the next commodity in the same way as the first one.
- If you cannot find the correct category or there is no such category, please add your commodity to any and the Administrator will correct it.

Structure of Trade Portal:

1. Trade Lots combined in Categories (Cereals, Oilseeds, Pulses and ect.)
2. Sub-categories exp. Cereals (Wheat, Barley, Corm, ...) 
3. Trade lot commodity show trade details

Rules of the trade system, that is obligatory for an observance all participants.

1. Specify in heading the exact name of the sold or bought commodity: the Name, producer, model or type.
2. Specify the real information and pin information in the corresponding fields.
3. Choose as possible more exact heading for your announcement, him will search exactly there, but not in a general list.
4. Do not publish identical (duplicated) announcements, they will be remote. you at any time will be able to lift your announcements into first place making alteration.
5. It is Forbidden to specify any pin information (references, telephones, addresses of eMail et cetera) in heading or text of announcement (they automatically hatch from your profile).
6. It is Forbidden to publish photos falling short of to announcement (personal photos, photos of other subjects et cetera). The publication of photos is forbidden with pin information (by telephones, eMail, by references to the sites of and other).
7. It is Forbidden to publish identical announcements for different one.
8. It is Forbidden to publish false information or announcements falling short of to the subjects of portal.
9. The use is Forbidden in heading of the special characters for the selection of announcements.
10. Announcements, breaking rule, retire without warning, and their authors are deprived possibility to publish the information.

Current task is to establish mutually beneficial and successful businesses.
Please do not hesitate to send inquiry in case you have any questions or doubt.

Brokerage and Support

    PAS (Professional Accuracy Service) and Trade is phisical commodity brokerage portal. It’s intended for support in trade. Information presented for guides only and could be updated. In case you would like to receive updated support in trade please send inquiry with indication what kind of service do you need. Web-site done myself based on personal education and working experience: 2006 – till now – consulting, trading, brokerage; 1999-2006 Trader; 1992-1999 Head of grain departmnet of SGS Ukraine. 1980-1992 Mate of the captain on Seagoing vessel.
    Trade leads given on a portal, express the position of the registered users. Prices subject to change without notice, prices valid for limited time only or until stock/demand lasts. You can send inquiry based on trade lots available on Trade page or based on your own demand.

The list of products our company working with:
- Cereals – Wheat, Barley, Corn, Millet, Rye, Canary Seeds, Oats, Sorghum;
- Oilseeds – Soybeans, Sunflower, Rapeseeds, Flax oil seeds, Mustard seeds;
- Pulses – Peas, Chickpeas, Vetch, Lentil;
- Vegoil – Sunoil, Rapeoil, Soyoil;
- Foodstuff – Wheat flour, Rye flour, Sugar, Coriander
- Feedstuff - Bran, Meal, Cake, Pulp;
List of agro commodities is not limited by above. You can send inquiry and we will do our best to fulfil your request.

You will receive Professional Accuracy Service (PAS) information support in:
- International commodity trading of goods (LOI, BCL, FCO, ICPO and etc); supervision inspections of agricultural commodities; Laboratory analyses of commodities as per GAFTA, FOSFA, EC, GOST, DSTU standards. 
- We is assisting you to trade on Incoterms basis (EXW, CPT, CFR, CIF, FOB, DAF, DDU, etc). Commodities could be shipped by vessels (in bulk, in woven polypropylene bags, jumbo bag, big bags), in containers (in bulk, container bags, tanks, flex tanks, etc), wagons, trucks and etc..
- Competitive price will arise by showing your trade leads demands at once to the word traders, brokers, suppliers, manufactures, exporters, importers and other businessman, which have offer, bids or inquiries of commodities.

Before to exchange any contact details and/ or any confidential information you have to have Brokerage Contract with us. Main details are presented below:

Brokerage Contract
Represented by Mr. , Director, acting in accordance with Statute, on the one part, 

PAS Trade Support

PAS (Professional, Accuracy, Service) and Trade is commodity trading portal on Incoterms basis. On a site practical experience of owner of site is briefly presented. If you need consultation request to send a inquiry.
If you would like to use portal for trade please present your trade inquiry:
1. Fill in form and receive confirmation about your Registration.
2. Please Login and present your Soft Offer,  LOI, at Trade.
3. Add Trade, correct your Trades or Profile after Login.
4. Trade leads can appear at Home page in case valid date more then current date.
5. How to trade on portal you can read at Broker.

Competitive price will arise by showing your trade leads demands at once to the word traders, brokers, suppliers, manufactures, exporters, importers and other businessman, which have offer, bids or inquiries of commodities.

Informational support partially available on pages:
1. Standards (Brokerage, Contracts, GAFTA, FOSFA, Incoterms, Shipping)
2. Goods (Cereals, Feedstuff, Foodstuff, Oils, Oilseeds, Pulses),
3. Contact (Broker, ERP, PAS&Trade, Partners, Futures).

Portal commodities

Dear Sirs/Madam,

The given Trading portal is intended for the companies and entrepreneurs who would to raise activity and economic efficiency of externally economic contracts based on practical experience B2B and contacts with traders.

The main focus is negotiating, conclusion and execution of contracts by deliveries by vessels, in containers, cars and lorries, and also carrying out of inspections, analytical researches and trade of the commodities (full list at Trade section):
    •    Grains (wheat, barley, corn, etc)
    •    Pulses (peas)
    •    Oilseeds (soya beans, rapeseeds,  sunflower seeds, etc)
    •    Oils (sunflower seeds oil, soybeans oil,  etc)
    •    Foodstuff (wheat flour)
    •    Feed stuff (sunflower seed meal, wheat bran, sugar beet pulp, etc)

We are willing to assist and support you with your questions, doubts and problems in trading.

Portal Presentation

Dear Clients and Visitors,

Name of portal PAS Trade has come itself and can be interpreted as priority (PAS), Professionalism Accuracy, Service (PAS). Main activity of B2B Portal it's Professional Accuracy Service (PAS) in Trade and brokerage. Trading portal are presented to trade commodities, help understanding traders each other, improve knowledge’s and to conclude contact as per common rules excepted worldwide.

All support information presented on web site sections (Contracts, Commodity Price, Commodities, Contacts) it's just notebook what have been done in the past and time to time updated based on inquiries from visitors or personal needs. Please do not hesitate to register and send your personal inquiry.

Main focus is to work with team of sellers, buyer, and service companies interested in B2B trading of agricultural goods by vessels, trucks, wagons or in containers on Incoterms basis.

Main commodities for trade (for more details please visit Trade section):

Support for Development

Dear Clients and Visitors,

Questions connected with the arrangement of information and support on the web site you may ask
For service we shall try to execute any your inquiry with the maximal benefit for your business.

The Internet Commerce, International trade, Contracts, Negotiations.

The list of services for international trade.
1.    Way and method of the organization of the enterprise.
2.    Presence of the company on the specified region of the world.
3.    Creation of a commercial site.
4.    Advertising of a site (company).
5.    Advertising in territory of the CIS.

Agro Industrial Group

AGRO is the agro-industrial group of companies working at Russian grain market. The Company carries out its activity by the following branches: Trade, Storage and Plant cultivation.

The Trade branch specializes in purchase and selling grain and oil-bearing crops. Due to its presence in all major grain-growing regions the Company is able to provide a broad assortment of grain: milling and feed wheat, food, feed and brewing barley, rye, oats, corn, peas, buckwheat as well as oil-bearing crops: sunflower, soy beans.

The Storage branch is represented by elevator assets of total capacity - 250 thousand tons of simultaneous storage of grain and oil-bearing crops. The elevators have the certificate of conformity to the System of voluntary certification of grain warehouse services of the Russian Grain Union and inspection in CJSC SGS Vostok Limited.

Black List

Behavioural typology of companies in terms of trade could be divided into 3 areas.
1. Master. Ready, Willing, Able (RWA) to trade. Typically, these companies value the partnership and almost never stop despite the fact that the contract price is competitive, but not the highest. We talk about them will not. Here the rule is simple - the word gave - Run.
2. Lone Wolf. The activity of this type of companies is high, but the impact is low because they are looking for the maximum price limits (very cheap to buy and sell the most expensive). The liability is, but usually its threshold is low enough. They are looking for long goods, requesting prices, but rarely enter into contracts (marketing) that takes a lot of time at the other side and effectiveness is virtually absent (contracts not concluded). For these companies allocated a place of honor in the "black list." Too much on them spent working time that the placement on the site, though time-consuming, but it is not bad.
3. Black list. This is necessary so to get it to get here. Can be described simply - nothing is sacred. Gladly accommodated and stand out from everyone.
We do not work with agricultural company which bridge contracts, soft corporate offer, draft of the contract or other obligations during negotiation, conclusion and/ or execution of the contract.
 Company Name:               Address:                                      Director:
1. BOGRAIN SRL, 11, str. Uzinelor, mun.Chisinau, Republic of Moldova; Mr. Rodion Dragan

We are not working with them.

Black Sea port

Terminal offers to you an accumulation, storage and transshipment of cereals, oilseeds and feed-stuff.

A terminal is meant for transshipments of goods from a railway and trucks, drying and separation of goods with the subsequent shipping them on seagoing vessel. A terminal allows to make transshipment on ships with the using of river barges (side -side) on the roads of River Sea port.Loading of river barges on a terminal is carried out at own berth long 66 m, that allows to make loading of one barge/ship a carrying capacity to 1200 tons with a subsequent transshipment on port roads. Depth of waterway on the roads of River Sea port 7,5 m, that provides passing vessels a carrying capacity to 15000 tons. A presence on moorage of equipment for shipping of goods on barge/ship enables unloading 1500 tons of goods in 24 hours. The advantageous location of grain terminal furthers export of goods through the Black sea.

Export Trade Project

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

I suggest to consider suggestion for realization business of project: "Organization of supplying with grain-growing products and oilseeds cultures of Ukrainian origin from the Ukrainian company of supplier, through the company of non-resident or other, that will be specified by an investor or created jointly with an investor". More detailed information about a collaboration, placed below.

Offer for Forwarding contracts:

Potential of the Ukrainian farmer market of production of grain-growing goods is large, enough, that on him not to pay attention. About 7 % cereals and 9% oilseeds commodities in Ukraine produced by farms in Ukraine.
Closely working with Association of farmers and landed interests of Ukraine and Union of cooperative stores of Ukraine, LLC has the opportunity to provide a fruitful collaboration on a purchase and forming of large commodity parties of any grain-growing products and cultures for the necessities of your enterprise.
LLC ready to offer to Your company the sale of products on a forward:

Delivery (mt)

Presentation of Principal

Dear Sir,

We would like to introduce our self ____ Group as one of the main food and feed supplier in ________.

Group is composed of two companies:

1-    Oilmills
One of the region's leading solvent extraction oil millers and producer of ingredients for food, feed and general industries

2-    Flour Mill
One of the largest Wheat Flour Mill in the region



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