Monday, July 28, 2014
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Agro Industrial Group

Agro Industrial Group

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AGRO is the agro-industrial group of companies working at Russian grain market. The Company carries out its activity by the following branches: Trade, Storage and Plant cultivation.

The Trade branch specializes in purchase and selling grain and oil-bearing crops. Due to its presence in all major grain-growing regions the Company is able to provide a broad assortment of grain: milling and feed wheat, food, feed and brewing barley, rye, oats, corn, peas, buckwheat as well as oil-bearing crops: sunflower, soy beans.

The Storage branch is represented by elevator assets of total capacity - 250 thousand tons of simultaneous storage of grain and oil-bearing crops. The elevators have the certificate of conformity to the System of voluntary certification of grain warehouse services of the Russian Grain Union and inspection in CJSC SGS Vostok Limited.

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+1 #1 CEODarwin Avakian 2013-08-17 16:26
Dear Export Director,

Please note that, we have been appointed by one of our governmental entities to finalize the below orders:

- Wheat
- Soya Bean Meal 46%
- Soya Bean Oil Bulk Packing
- Tea
- Sugar
- Grains

 Bulk Vessel Shipment to North ports of Iran, Bandar Anzali or Bandar Now Shahr (Caspian Sea) OR South port of Iran - Bandar Abbas
 Quantity: Totally 200,000 MTS.
 Payment: Irr. L/C at sight to MIR Bank

We should appreciate if you would send us your full portfolio, back ground in Iran (if you have), detailed analysis along with HACCP, ISO, SGS & Health Certificate copies.

Thank you

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