Terms and Conditions

FOB GAFTA Milling wheat one

Ukraine         Dated: 
Seller: __represented by the Director Mr. __ acting in accordance with the Articles of Association, on the one part, and
Buyer: __ Represented by Mr. ___, acting in accordance with the Power of Attorney, on the other part, have made this Contract whereby it is agreed as follows.

1.    Goods. Milling wheat in bulk, crop,  origin Ukraine

2. Price and value.
Price at USD 0.00 per MT with total value USD 0.00 +/- 5% delivered Free On Board stowed and trimmed (FOB – Incoterms 2000) one safe berth of Odessa port. Price does not include the cost of fumigation. The fumigation to be on Buyer’s account
The legal title for the goods passes from the Seller to the buyer as soon as the goods crossed the custom border of Ukraine (loaded on board the vessel). Duly issued Cargo Custom Declaration shall act as a confirmation that the goods crossed the Ukrainian custom border.

3. Quantity. __ metric tons +/- 5% in buyer’s option at contract price. Partial shipment not allowed.
Final at loading port as per Certificates of Quantity issued by inspection company member of IFIA.
4. Quality.
Final at loading port as per Certificates of quality issued by a surveyor company member of IFIA with following specification:
Test weight: min 79 kg/hl
Moisture: max 13.0%
Foreign matters: max 2 %
Protein on dry matter (Nx5.7) min 14.5 %
Falling number min 300 sec.
Gluten as per GOST min 28%
Goods to be sound, loyal and merchantable.
Goods to be free from alive insects, poisonous grains and foreign smell.
The Buyer has the right to request additional analyses as per agreement with the Seller.
Inspection to be ordered and paid by the Buyer.

5. Period of delivery. 20th September – 05th October 200_. Both dates included.
Continuation available upon request


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