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FOSFA Contracts

FOSFA - The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations

FOSFA 2     Copra -                                                                CIF Terms    September 2008
FOSFA 3     Sheanuts -                                                         CIF Terms     September 2008
FOSFA 4     Oilseeds -                                                          FOB Terms   January 2009
FOSFA 4A   European Oilseeds -                                       FOB Terms   January 2009
FOSFA 5     Argentine/Uruguay Linseed                            CIF Terms    January 2009
FOSFA 9     USA/Canadian Flaxseed                                 CIF Terms    September 2008

FOSFA 9A   UK Linseed in Bulk                                          Ex Farm/Delivered Terms September 2008
FOSFA 11   Oilseeds                                                            CIF Terms     January 2009
FOSFA 11A USA/Canadian Sunflowerseed                     CIF Terms     January 2009
FOSFA 13   Sesameseed                                                    CIF Terms     September 2008
FOSFA 16   Cottonseed                                                        CIF Terms     January 2009
FOSFA 22   South American Yellow Soyabeans             CIF Terms      September 2008
FOSFA 24   Canadian/USA Soyabeans                            CIF Terms      September 2008
FOSFA 25   Soyabeans                                                        CIF Terms      September 2008
FOSFA 26   European Oilseeds                                         CIF Terms      September 2008
FOSFA 26A UK Rapeseed                                                  Ex Farm/Delivered Terms (Issued in conjunction with AIC) September 2008
FOSFA 27   Oilseeds                                                            Collection/Ex-Silo Terms September 2008
FOSFA 28   Oilseeds                                                            Free Delivered Terms      September 2008
FOSFA 29   Palm Kernels                                                    CIF Terms                          September 2008
FOSFA 32   Full Container Loads                                       FCL Terms                        September 2008
FOSFA 34   Selected Groundnuts in Shell/Groundnut Kernels. C&F Terms          September 2008
FOSFA 35   Full Container Loads Selected Groundnuts in Shell/Groundnut Kernels. CIF/C&F Terms September 2008
FOSFA 36   Canadian Rapeseed                                                                                            CIF/C&F Terms  September 2008
FOSFA 37   Selected Groundnuts in Shell/Groundnut Kernels.                                         Spot Conditions September 2008
FOSFA 39   Full Container Loads Argentine Selected Groundnuts in Shell/Groundnut Kernels  CIF/C&F Terms September 2008
FOSFA 49   Gum/Wood/Tall Oil Rosin                                CIF Terms September 2008
FOSFA 51   Argentine Soft Oils                                             FOB Terms (Issued in conjunction with CIARA)  January 2009
FOSFA 52   Sunflowerseed Oil in Bulk European Ports  FOB Terms September 2008
FOSFA 53   Vegetable and Marine Oil                                 FOB Terms September 2008
FOSFA 54   Vegetable and Marine Oil                                 CIF Terms September 2008
FOSFA 55   Linseed Oil                                                          CIF Terms September 2008
FOSFA 56   Vegetable and Marine Oil                                  Collection/Ex Works Terms September 2008
FOSFA 57   Vegetable and Marine Oil                                  Free Delivered Terms September 2008
FOSFA 60   Fatty Acid Methyl Esters                                     FOB Terms September 2008
FOSFA 61   Fatty Acid Methyl Esters                                     CIF Terms September 2008
FOSFA 62   Oils and Fats                                                       Ex Tank UK Terms September 2008
FOSFA 69   Technical Tallows and Greases                     CIF Terms September 2008
FOSFA 76   General Business Oilseeds etc                      CIF Terms September 2008
FOSFA 79   General Business                                              Delivered/Ex Works Terms                                                          September 2008
FOSFA 80   Crude Unbleached Palm Oil                            CIF Terms (Issued in conjunction with MPOA)                        September 2008
FOSFA 81   Palm and Palm Kernel Oil Products (Issued jointly with PORAM, MEOMA)                                                      October 2006
FOSFA 82   Crude Unbleached Palm Oil                            FOB Terms (Issued in conjunction with GAPKI)                      September 2008
FOSFA 90   Refined Edible Oils and Fats                           Delivered Terms (issued jointly with NEODA)                          September 2008
FOSFA 91   UK Produced Acid Oil                                        Delivered/Ex Works Terms                                                            September 2008
FOSFA 92   Refined Oils and Fats                                        Delivered Ex Works UK Terms (Issued jointly with SCOPA)  September 2008
FOSFA 93   UK Delivered Feed Fat                                       Delivered Terms (Issued jointly with Feed Fat Association) September 2008
FOSFA 95   Brokerage                                                                                                                                                                        September 2008
FOSFA 201 African Crude Groundnut Oil                             CIF Terms                                                                                        September 2008
FOSFA 202 African Crude Groundnut Oil                             FOB Terms                                                                                       September 2008
Short Form - This contract can be used in conjunction with a relevant form in cases where special conditions or modifications to
that form are required (revised and effective 1 October 2004)

FOSFA is a professional international contract issuing and arbitral body concerned exclusively with the world trade in oilseeds, oils and fats with over 850 members in 75 countries. These members include producers and processors, shippers and dealers, traders, brokers and agents, superintendents, analysts, shipowners, tank storage companies and others, providing services to traders.
FOSFA has an extensive range of standard forms of contracts covering goods shipped either CIF, C&F or FOB, for soybeans, sunflowerseeds, rapeseed, and others, vegetable and marine oils and fats, refined oils and fats, from all origins worldwide, for different methods of transportation and different terms of trade. Internationally, 85% of the global trade in oils and fats is traded under FOSFA contracts.
The Federation's contracts incorporate a dispute procedure involving arbitration by experienced individuals from within the trade.

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