Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Milling Wheat, protein 13, CIF, Buy

Price NaN
in bulk
Trade: \Bid\
Valid: 09.08.2012
Tags: buy , milling wheat
Origin: Ukraine
Quantity: 5000
Incoterms: CIF
East Med
Delivery Period: Spot
Quality: Quality of Milling Wheat final at loading port as per GAFTA inspection company at Sellers cost.
Specification: Crop 2012
Test weight : min. 76 kg/hl;
Grain  Admixture: max 2 pct;
Moisture : max. 13 pct;
Foreign matter: max 2 pct;
Protein: min. 13 pct;
Wet Gluten : min. 28 pct;
Free from live insects and foreign smell. Sound and merchantable.
Shipment Terms: We are ready to  proceed  with the  following lot  of WHEAT
Payment: Doc LC, irrevocable  payable at  sight  against  shipping documents  at   Buyers bankers desks
Shipment: Till  latest  15th/August/2012
Price: CIF  El  Dekhela/ ALexandria, Egypt
P.Bond: 2% to  be established Non operative to  initiate the  LC opening
All other terms, conditions and rules contained in GAFTA 48, GAFTA 125, Incoterms 2010, UCP 600. All other terms will present against Letter of Intend from Buyer.
Company: Agent on behalf of Buyer