Sell, Hulled Millet, PAK

Price 390.00 usd/mt
Packing: FCLs, in 25 kg PP bags
Trade: Offer
Dated: 06.12.2016
Tags: Millet
Image: fo-millet-hulled2
Origin: Ukraine
QTY: 200
Units: MT
Price: 390
Rate: usd/mt
Place: Karachi, Pakistan
Delivery: to any ASWP
Quality: The SELLER are ready to offer and looking for the Buyer ready to buy commodity.
Quality of
Hulled Millet 
Purity – min 99.9%;
Damaged max 0.08%;
Broken max 0.5%;
Unhulled Millet max 0.12%;
Mineral admixture max 0.04%;
Shipment: Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents as follows:
1. Bill of Lading;
2. Commercial Invoice.
3. Certificate of quality;
4. Certificate of Origin;
5. Fumigation Certificate;
6. Phytosanitary Certificate.
7. Signed Packing list;
Quality and Quantity of the goods are final at loading.
Payment: 100% Cash Against Documents (INCASSO bank to bank) or Cash Against Fax Documents (10/90).

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