PAS and Trade is Trade Portal for sale/ purchase of agricultural commodities on Incoterms 2010 basis. Trade Lots presented at web-site based on inquiry from seller (ask, offer) or buyer (bid). We are trading of Cereals, Feed-stuff, Food-stuff, Oilseeds, Pulses, Vegoils commodities. If you are willing to buy or sell goods please send inquiry via Registration. Trading terms and conditions are as per GTAS (GAFTA TRADE ASSURANCE SCHEME) Brokerage.

Name Packing Dated Image QTY Units Price Rate ICT Place
Buy, Yellow Split Peas, PAK FCLs, 50 kg PP bags 25.05.2017 thumb_pu-peas-yellow-split-sl 50 MT 0 usd/mt CFR Karachi, Pakistan
Buy, Sunflower Cake, UA Vessel, in bulk 25.05.2017 thumb_go_suncake 4000 MT 0 usd/mt FOB Black Sea port, Ukraine
Buy, Organic Rapeseed, ESP Container, in bulk 25.05.2017 thumb_oi-rapeseeds2 220 MT 0 usd/mt CFR Spain
Sell, Yellow Peas, PAK FCLs, in bulk 25.05.2017 thumb_pu-peas-yellow-sir200mt 125 MT 320 usd/mt CFR Karachi, Pakistan
Sell, Brown Flax-Oil Seeds, VNM FCLs, in bulk 24.05.2017 thumb_oi-flax-brown 500 MT 470 usd/mt CFR Haiphong, Vietnam
Sell, Red Corn, UA FCLs, in bulk 24.05.2017 thumb_ce-corn-red-ua 160 MT 320 usd/mt CFR Europe
Sell, Yellow Corn, UA Vessel, in bulk 24.05.2017 thumb_ce-corn-yellow 3000 MT 172 usd/mt FOB Black Sea Port, Ukraine
Sell, Vetch, UA FCLs, in bulk 23.05.2017 thumb_pu-vetch-v 500 MT 395 usd/mt FAS Odessa, Ukraine
Buy, Yellow Peas, PAK FCLs, in bulk 23.05.2017 thumb_pu-peas-yellow2 1000 MT 0 usd/mt CFR Karachi, Pakistan
Sell, White Kidney Beans, UA FCLs, 25 kg PP bags 22.05.2017 thumb_pu-kidney-beans-l 44 MT 930 usd/mt CFR Europe
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