The flour is often mixed with flour from other cereal grains, to make breads, breakfast cereals or other multi-grain products.

In Russia, where buckwheat is native, it is used in a variety of food products, including roasting the whole groats to make -kasha-. Buckwheat is high in lysine, which wheat and corn are low in. The protein content of dehulled buckwheat is about 12%, with only 2% fat.

For Ukraine DSTU 4524:2006 BUCKWHEAT, specifications.
For Russia GOST 19092-92 Buckwheat. Requirements for state purchases and deliveries
The quality shall correspond and based on buyer's secification
1 Moisture % Max 14.5
2 Content of nucleous % Max 71
3 Grains Impurities % Max15.0
3.4 Sprouted grains %
3.1 Broken grains %
3.2 Partly eaten grains (on sieve 3 mm) %
3.3 Burst grains %
4 Waste impurities % Max 3.0
4.1 All that passes through 3.0 mm sieve %
4.2 Mineral impurities % Max 0.2
4.2.1 Incl: gravel % Max 0.1
4.3 Organic impurities %
4.4 Seeds of wild and cultivated plants and buckwheat flattened, highly immature, light colored with minimum nucleus content %
4.5 Damaded grains % Max 0.5
4.6 Harmful impurities % Max 0.2
Goods to be sound, loyal and merchantable free from alive insects and foreign smell.
Quality of the goods is final at staffing in containers based on quality certificate issued by GAFTA member inspection company ordered and paid by seller.

Shipment Terms: Payment for the goods to be made CAD (Cash Against Documents) or LC (Letter of credit) at sight by the Buyer in US dollars by cash transfer to the Seller’s account within 2 banking days against presentation the following documents:
List of loaded containers confirmed by Inspection company Commercial invoice for total value of the contract;
CCD (cargo customs declaration)
3/3 original Bills of Lading + 5 Non-Negotiable copies;
Certificate of origin;
Phytosanitary certificate;
Fumigation certificate;
Non-Radioactivity certificate;
Certificate of quantity and quality;
Certificate of clearness of containers;
Packing list;
All other terms, conditions and rules, not in contradiction with the above contained in GAFTA 86, UPC 600, Incoterms 2010 of which the parties admit that they have knowledge.{jcomments on}