On the territory of present Ukraine plantings of nuciferous were widespread already in preglarical period. First records about presence of walnuts in Ukraine appeared in 16th century. In that times walnuts were delivered from monastic gardens to tsars court. 

Beginning from the 21st century square of walnut gardens in Ukraine was about 1.7 thousand of hectares. Annual harvest runs up to 60 000 Mt. This fact characterizes  Ukraine as one of biggest producers of walnuts in Europe and in World as the whole.

Everybody knows for sure about the good of this product. Walnut contains vitamins of group A, E, B, P, Z, mineral substances: potassium, natrium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, iodine. Walnut is a good source of protein, which could easily substitute animal protein. Moreover it contains the whole complex of biologically active substances, which gives positive influence to the brain vessels. It is considered that nuts can relieve the stress. Walnuts are very useful for people, who are occupied both with brain and physical work. 
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