Sell, Skimmed Milk Powder, UA

Price .00 usd/mt
Packing: Container, 25 kg bags
Trade: Offer
Dated: 28.10.2015
Image: milk-powder
Origin: Ukraine
QTY: 25
Units: MT
Price: 0
Rate: usd/mt
Place: Black Sea port, Ukraine
Details: The SELLER are ready to offer/ SCO, negotiate terms of the contract to sell, supply, transfer commodities and are looking for Buyer which ready to buy/ LOI, purchase and receive commodity. Quality and Quantity of the goods are final at loading based on quality certificate issued by GAFTA inspection company ordered and paid by seller.

PRODUCT: Produced from fresh, high quality skimmed milk by a spray-drying process, medium heat
APPLICATION: iIce-cream, bakery & confectionery, chocolate, processed cheese & spreads, infant formulae, UHT milk, recombined sweetened condensed milk.
Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Colour: white to slight yellow
Flavour and Odor: characteristic
Scorched particles Disk MAX: B/C
Fat, % MAX: 1,5
Moisture, % MAX: 4.0
Solubility index cm3 0,15
Acidity, MAX: 0,17
Protein dry basis MIN: 16-30

Bacteriological characteristics
Total plate count/gr. MAX: 50 000
Yeast & Moulds/gr. MAX: 100
Salmonelles/25gr.: Negative
E. coli/gr.: Negative

PACKAGING: Multi-ply paper bags with polyethylene liner, 25 kg net weight.
STORAGE: Store product under cool, dry conditions.
Shipment: Shipment by 20'or 40 FCLS.

Payment 100% Cash Against Documents (INCASSO bank to bank) or Letter of Credit at sight or Cash Against Fax Documents (10/90). against the set of the original shipping documents:
1. Full set 3/3 Bill of Lading;
2. Commercial Invoice.
3. Certificate of quality and quantity;
4. Certificate of Origin;
5. Fumigation Certificate;
6. Phytosanitary Certificate.
7. Packing list;

Please send order for CFR delivery indicating:
- Name of Buyer
- Name of Commodity
- Packing
- Quality
- Quantity
- Period of delivery
- Destination (CFR)
- Price
- Terms of payment

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