This section is for trading of Food-Stuff commodities. Trade Lots presented at web-site based on inquiry from seller (ask, offer) or buyer (bid) of Beet Sugar, Cane Sugar, ICUMSA, Packing: in bulk, in 25/50 kg PP bags on Incoterms 2010 with GAFTA contract apply.
PAS and Trade is Trade Portal for sale/ purchase of agricultural commodities. If you are willing to buy/ sell goods please send inquiry via form Contact Autour on the end of each trade lot you are interesting in or via Registration.

Name Packing Dated Image QTY Units Price Rate ICT Place
Sell, Beet Sugar, UA in 50 kg bags 26.05.2017 thumb_go-sugar 1000 MT 0 usd/mt CPT Odessa, Ukraine
Sell, Beet Sugar, UA Vessel, 50 kg bags 07.03.2017 thumb_go-sugar 5000 MT 495 usd/mt FOB Odessa, Ukraine
Sell, Sugar, ICUMSA, BRA Container, 50 kg bags 30.05.2015 thumb_sugar 12500 MT 0 usd/mt CFR ASWP
Buy, Beet Sugar, COL Container, in 50 kg bags 07.10.2016 thumb_go-sugar 200 MT 0 usd/mt CFR Sri Lanka, Colombo
Buy, Beet Sugar, GRC Vessel, 50 kg bags 29.04.2016 thumb_go-sugar 12500 MT 430 eur/mt CFR Thesaloniky, Greece