This section is for trading of agricultural commodities: Green Lentils, Red Lentils. Shipments are in big bag, 25/50 kg PP bags on Incoterms 2010 basis (DDU, CFR, CIF).by vessels, containers, trucks.
The SELLER are to be ready to offer/ SCO, negotiate terms of the contract to sell, supply, transfer commodities. The Buyer are to be ready to buy/ LOI, purchase and receive commodity. Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents. Payment: Cash Against Documents, Letter of Credit at sight.
If you are willing to buy/ sell goods please send inquiry via form Contact Autour on the end of each trade lot you are interesting in or via Registration.

Name Packing Dated Image QTY Units Price Rate ICT Place
Sell, Green Lentils, UKR container, in bulk 24.01.2017 thumb_pu-lentils 400 MT 850 usd/mt FOB Ukraine
Sell, Green Lentils, HUN Truck or FCLs, in 50 kg PP bags 23.01.2017 thumb_pu-lentils-green-k 70 MT 1150 eur/mt DAP Hungary
Buy, Green Lentils, HUN Truck, in Big Bags 25.10.2016 thumb_lentils-green 100 MT 0 usd/mt DAP Hungary
Sell, Green Lentils, CZE Container, 50 kg PP bags 07.10.2016 thumb_pu-lentils-kz 90 MT 850 usd/mt FCA Krasnodar, Russia
Sell, Green Lentils, UA Truck, big bags 01.03.2016 thumb_pu-lentils-green2 300 MT 920 eur/mt FCA Ukraine
Sell, Green Lentils, PAK Container, 50 kg PP bags 02.08.2016 thumb_pu-lentils-6 100 MT 1100 eur/mt CFR Karachi
Sell, Red Lentils, No 2, CAN Container, 25 kg PP bags 29.03.2016 thumb_pu-lentils-red2-ca 1000 MT 1000 usd/mt CFR Any Safe Word Port
Buy, Green Lentils, ESP Container, 25 kg PP bags 29.06.2016 thumb_lentils-green 100 MT 0 usd/mt CFR Med Spain
Buy, Green Lentils, IND Container, 25 kg PP bags 02.08.2016 thumb_lentils-green 100 MT 0 usd/mt CFR Nhava Sheva, India
Sell, Green Lentils 4+, UA in big bags 08.06.2016 thumb_pu-lentils-green2 80 MT 0 usd/mt FCA Ukraine
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