Sell, Vetch, ESP

Price .00 usd/mt
Packing: fcls, truck in bulk or bags
Trade: Offer
Dated: 29.01.2017
Tags: vetch
Image: pu-vetch
Origin: Ukraine
QTY: 44
Units: MT
Price: 0
Rate: usd/mt
Place: Any Safe Word Port

The SELLER are ready to offer, negotiate terms of the contract to sell, supply and transfer commodities are looking for Buyer ready to buy, purchase and receive commodity. 
Vetch quality
Moisture: 14%, max.
Purity: 98%, min.
Goods to be sound, loyal and merchantable free from alive insects and foreign smell.

Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents as follows:
- Bill of Lading it TIR;
- Commercial Invoice.
- Certificate of quality and weight;
- Certificate of Origin;
- Phytosanitary Certificate.
- Fumigation certificate;
- Signed Packing list;
Quality and Quantity of the goods is final at staffing in containers based on quality certificate issued by inspection company ordered and paid by seller.

Payment negotiable: CAD or CAFD (10/90)

Please send inquiry on CFR Basis by e-mail or contact form below indicating:
- Name of Buyer
- Name of Commodity
- Packing
- Quality
- Quantity
- Period of delivery
- Destination (CFR)
- BID Price or inquiry for offer
- Terms of payment

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