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Packing: Flexi-tank
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Dated: 07.10.2016
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QTY: 220
Units: MT
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Place: Jabel Ali, UAE

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Organoleptical and physicochemical parameters
Odour and taste - Impersonal oil taste, without odour
Clarity - Clear without precipitates
Colour value, max. mg Iodine: 10
1-The relative density (at 20 c) 0.918-0.923
2-The refractive index(at 40 c) 1.467-1.469
3-Iocine value (wijs) 110-143
4-The saponification value (mgkoh/gm oil) 188-194
5-The unsaponifible value 1.5 (max)
6-Peroxide value max.10(mequelant/kg oil)
7-The acidity (mg koh) % gm oil) Crude oil 4, Uncrude oil 0.6
8- Colouring materials:
Its allowed to add:
Beta carotene - according to the good manufacturing products
Anato carotene - according to the good manufacturing products
Curcumine carotene - according to the good manufacturing products .
9-Flavors: Its allowed to add natural flavors or the artificial flavours that is able to use internationally.
10-Anti oxidant
BHT 200mg/kg individually or mixed
BHA 200mg/kg individually or mixed
Mixture of BHT, BHA 200 mg/kg but the Galate
And Galate Should not exceed 100mg/kg
Citric acid and sodium citrate - According to the good manufacturing products
Licithine - According to the good manufacturing products
Mixture of iso propyl citrate - 100mg/kg individually or as a mixture
Mono glysirine citrate
Phosphoaic acid
11. The anti foaming agent
A.Di methyl poly cyloxine 10mg/kg individually or as mixture with siticon dioxide
B.Di methyl sitlicon
12. Anti crystaliztion: Oxystearin 1250 MG/KG
13. Contamination:
Volitail nater At 105 C %mass 0.2 max
Un solubel impurities %mass 0.5 max
Soap contain 0.005max
Fe 1.5 ppm
Cu 0.1ppm
As 0.1ppm
hg 0.1ppm
Pb 0.1ppm


Terms of payment: LC

Goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents as follows (if not agreed another):
- 3/3 Shipped on board B/L issued to order and marked Freight prepaid;
- Commercial Invoice.
- Certificate of quality and quantity;
- Certificate of Origin;
Others terms and contitions as per FOSFA, Incoterms 2010, UCP 600 in force.

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