Acid value,mg КОN/g:                                            1,4
Mass part of nonoleaginous impurity, %:          0,1
Mass part of substances whoch contain phosphates
in calculation to stearooleolecitine,%:                1,3
Burst temperature of extraction oil, oС:             225
Mass part of humidity and volatile matter,%:    0,3
Peroxide number 1/2 О2 mol/kg:                        2.0

Expire date 2 months from the day of bottling.    

Content of residual quantity of pesticides,radionuclidus,mycotoxins,heavy metals do not exceed the norms which are provided by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (protocol of examination  №  52d”)
Made according to the contract №    from
Quality is garanteed in case of keeping the rules of transportation and storage according to DSTU 4534:2006.
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