PAS (Professional Accuracy Service) and Trade is Trade Portal.

All static support information presented as Article at portal Support sections (Contracts, Commodities, Contacts). Please concede that support information is presenting as practical experience and could be used on your own risk. 

There is dynamic Trade portal at Trade section. You can add trade lots (sell/buy) after registration and Login
- Registration is allow adjust yours trade lot any time based on the market situations any time Section PrincipalMy TradeYour Trade Lots presented or corrected have to be approve by Admin.
- Visitors and/or Principals can send feed back to the owner of the trade lot using form Contact Author located after each trade lot. This is feed back to Admin and to You. 
- Commercial lots express the position of Principals. There are trade lots to be considering as inquiry and ground for future LOI/ SCO or ICPO/ FCO. 

Main focus is to work with team of sellers, buyers and service companies interested in trading of commodities by vessels, trucks, wagons or in containers on Incoterms basis. Please do not hesitate to contact Administrator for support.
- If you wish to add the second lot, please save previous one and add the next commodity in the same way as the first one.
- If you cannot find the correct category or there is no such category, please add your commodity to any and the Administrator will correct it.

Structure of Trade Portal:

1. Trade Lots combined in Categories (Cereals, Oilseeds, Pulses and ect.)
2. Sub-categories exp. Cereals (Wheat, Barley, Corm, ...) 
3. Trade lot commodity show trade details.

As simple as possible and useful.
5 steps how to make offer/ bid.

1 Registration, confirmation and login. 
2 Add trade lot and approval from admin
3 List of your trade lots ready for correction

4 Your trade lot on Trade section

5 Full details of your trade lot with contact form

Rules of the trade system, that is obligatory for an observance all participants.

1. Specify in heading the exact name of the sold or bought commodity: the Name, producer, model or type.
2. Specify the real information and pin information in the corresponding fields.
3. Choose as possible more exact heading for your announcement, him will search exactly there, but not in a general list.
4. Do not publish identical (duplicated) announcements, they will be remote. you at any time will be able to lift your announcements into first place making alteration.
5. It is Forbidden to specify in TRADE LOT (place of PIN publication is Contact Form and Registration) any pin information (references, telephones, addresses of eMail et cetera) in heading or text of announcement (they automatically hatch from your profile).
6. It is Forbidden to publish photos falling short of to announcement (personal photos, photos of other subjects et cetera). The publication of photos is forbidden with pin information (by telephones, eMail, by references to the sites of and other).
7. It is Forbidden to publish identical announcements for different one.
8. It is Forbidden to publish false information or announcements falling short of to the subjects of portal.
9. The use is Forbidden in heading of the special characters for the selection of announcements.
10. Announcements, breaking rule, retire without warning, and their authors are deprived possibility to publish the information.

Current task is to establish mutually beneficial and successful businesses. 
Please do not hesitate to send inquiry in case you have any questions or doubt via Contact Author.