Buyer did not pay invoice as per contract without any reason, which have losses to seller who have to take additional amount (overdraft) from bank in order to credit your company and non stop his shipment to other buyers. 

According to GAFTA 88 which apply to the contract: 12 Payment. (h) Amounts payable under this contract shall be settled without delay. If not so settled, either party may notify the other that a dispute has arisen and serve a notice stating his intention to refer the dispute to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules. 

According to contract: If buyer do not pay balance as per contract seller have the right to redirect goods to other buyer and prepayment amount 10% to be used for such redirection. Prepayment have to be returned to Buyer in full by Seller if goods not shipped by seller.

The broker and the seller was agreed on 14.11.201_ that in view of more than 20 years of dating each other to sign a brokerage agreement will not now but could be sign in future. Between the broker and the buyer brokerage agreement signed 11.11.201_ (about Parties have to follow Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCND)). 

Contract executed and scanned shipping documents sent to the buyer for the balance payment. After that the seller stated to broker that an employee of seller knew the buyer before this contract and constantly spoke with him on Skype. 

The buyer has initiated negotiations with the seller, as per information from seller, without a broker. The seller agreed to negotiate balance payment without a broker.

26/12/201_ Buyer sent cornfirmation: Amount already approved & deducted from our account , Awaiting swift copy of same. As soon as i get i will send you( İf not today then monday early morning) Please send documents on below address by TNT OR DHL. You can send documents today if you see payment today in yr account. (Last advance was received same day)

Seller sent several inquiries regarding SWIFT and payment to Buyer but no answer and no payment done.
In view of above mentioned we are strongly protest against above action from buyer side and claim Buyer for not fulfilment of the contract which have arise losses for now and future losses from Seller side and Broker side to be covered by Buyer.