5. loading of goods on sea going vessel 800/1500 mt per 24 hours, into containers, wagons, trucks as per order of Principal.

Main direction of transshipment is loading of sea going vessel on roads Kherson sea port with depth up to 8 meters. Terminal can load also barges or river vessel at own berth with depth up to 2.5 meters. Terminal have facilities and space for loading and storage of containers and bagging of goods.

For above mentioned operation terminal have:
1. flat warehouses for 16000 mt grain capacity;
2. silo beans for 6000 mt grain capacity;
3. operation silo beans for 800 mt grain capacity;

Terminal certified by Government inspection with regards quality control of agricultural product and monitoring of the market. Terminal laboratory certified Standardization and Metro-logical control in Ukraine for oilseeds and cereals commodities.

Basic tariff for service as follows (USD per MT VAT included):
1. Full transshipments (CPT-FOB) on Kherson Sea port roads:
1.1 for heavy goods (wheat, barley) 13.00;
1.2 for light goods (sunseeds) 15.00;
2. storage expenses:
2.1 1-10 days 0.01;
2.2 11-21 days 0.05;
2.3 21-45 days 0.15;
2.4 More then 45 days 0.20;
3. drying 1% - 2.5;
4. separators cleaning 1% - 1.00;
5. RWS service (4 wagons with grain) 3.00.

If you were interested by this offer request to inquiry a necessity in this type of services with pointing of load, volume, period of transshipment, necessity of separate accumulation and storage.
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