September - November
Sunflower - 40 000
Corn grade 3 - 120 000

Commodities will be left in full on the certificated elevators concerted with the company of customer.
Insurance of our contractual obligations will provide JSC the Ukrainian insurance company (grant to the guarantee of fulfilling commitment by contract, guarantees of return of advance payment).
We have the opportunity and agreement with a motor transport company, in relation to bringing in this project more than 100 units of trucks for transportation of grain-growing from economies on the certificated elevators.

With kind regards and by a hope on a collaboration

Offer for investment:

It turns out at the observance of the described chart of collaboration, that possibilities of supplying with the products of the Ukrainian origin, can make to 1 000 000 mt commodities of agricultural production.

At bringing in this direction by an investor to 100 000 000 dollars of the USA, we will have the opportunity to provide a turn to the amount of less than 150 000 000 dollars in a year.

At the transparent sale of products to the customer of company ready to abandon the assured profit of company to the partner to the non-resident depending on the chosen form of collaboration.
Guarantees to the investor at implementation given business of plan:
1. Company an investor (non-resident) manages financial streams.
2. Money of investor cannot participate in business, and are on a bank account/deposit on territory of Ukraine in a representative office, and managed an investor.
3. Supplying with a commodity is carried out by a resident.
4. The joint company of investor and resident concludes all contracts on an offtake (letters of credit, bank guarantees, pre-payment and so on).
5. The company of investor of resident concludes all contracts on an offtake to eventual.

A resident works 4 about at the market of Ukraine. We closely work with Association of farmers and landed interests of Ukraine, Union of agricultural cooperative stores of Ukraine in that to date is include more than 42 000 farms. Farms annually produce about 8 million tons grain-growing and 800 000 tons of oil-bearing cultures. By the basic type of activity of company, there are a purchase of grain-crops for the commodity producers of Ukraine and their realization on internal and external markets, consulting.
A resident plans to come forward as a strategic customer of grain-growing products and oilseeds of Ukrainian filiation from farms with subsequent realization on internal market and on an export.
Wheat a feed, food,
Barley is a feed and food,
Corn is a feed and food,
Rape is technical and food,
Peas are food and feed,
Mustard seed white, yellow,
Wheat and Rye Flour,
Sunflower Oil unrefined,
Sunflower Oil refined,
Soy beans,
Beet Molasses and other products.

1 stage (purchase and accumulation of products on elevators).

A resident through regional representatives buys in products directly at farms and producers, transports on the elevators (GPE) intended for a reception and accumulation of large commodity parties, keeps, ships a commodity.
All elevators (GPE) on, that grain-growing products will accumulate Resident certificated and have access railway roads.
With each of these by an elevator (GPE) Resident will have an agreement on a reception, storage and shipping
A resident uses truck companies for transportation of commodity from a producer to the near-by elevators (GPE).
A project is envisage the purchase of grain-growing products and oil-bearing cultures directly from storage of producer in the period of cleaning up, when a price on a commodity is subzero and transports on storage on the certificated elevators (GPE).

Prognosis of amount of commodity and seasonality of purchase :
July - August:
rapeseed 50 000 tons,
barley feed and food 100 000 tons,
wheat feed and food 100 000 tons.

September is October:
corn feed and food 150 000 tons,
soy is 20 000 tons,
sunflower  150 000 tons.
2 the stage ( storage, shipping and offtake).

Storage on the certificated elevators (GPE) is envisaged to May.
The products kept on elevators are insured.
Shipping produced for implementation of contracts.
On the shipped products documents necessary are given out for internal transportations.
At shipping of commodity on an export all necessary documents (by a veterinary certificate, quarantine certificate, certificate of quality (GSI) and so on) are given out.
For transportation of commodity on territory of Ukraine railway carriages are order a dispatch company.
Transportation of commodity is insured in an insurance company.

Shipping of products through ports: Nikolayev, Kherson, Odessa, Sevastopol, Ilichevsk, Berdiansk, Mariupol.

Tasks of participants are in a project:
A company Resident is Seller:
- it is a purchase of grain-growing products at the internal market and transportation on the internal certified elevators (forming of commodity parties);
- it is Organization of loading of commodity in carriages, certification, expedition to CPT, DAF, FOB;
- it is Receipt of quota on an export, transportation of commodity in port, organization of transhipment in port and loading on a ship (Customer).
- are Providing of guarantees of fulfiling commitment, in obedience to contracted.
- it is Search of customers and providing (partner of non-resident) contracts with customers on products.

A company Non-resident is Partner:
- it is Grant of financing in size of 100 000 000 USD for a term of 1.
A price on a commodity will be formed as a middle price on an exchange.
All Ukrainian products at will of Partner can be realized only through the company of Partner.

Potential markets of realization :
Syria, Iran, Italy, Egypt, Algeria, Greece, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Libya, Russia, Belorussia, France, Uzbekistan et al.
Terms of payment :

Variant 1.
A company Investor finances Resident on the bag of contract in size of 100 000 000 US dollars.

Variant 2.
A resident through the company of Investor concludes all contracts on realization of grain-growing products with the customers and financial operations, pass through the accounts of company of Investor.
Guarantees of fulfilling commitment :
- All bought commodity for money of investor can be sold to the customer directly through the company of investor.
- Money is got from an investor to head for the purchase of commodity and this purchase is confirmed by a ware-house certificate Form 13 by the given out elevator (GPE).
-    it is Commodity that is bought in on the attracted facilities (grain-crops and oilseed cultures) high liquid.
- Commodity is bought in the period of cleaning up of grain and oil-bearing crops in the moment of minimum price politics and thus he has excellent competition ability at the market.
it is Protecting from inflationary processes at the internal market, how all commodity can be realized at the foreign market for currency (USD, EUR and so on)
-    are All stages business of process from a purchase for a sale insured in the insurance companies of Ukraine with the reinsurance of risks.
-    it is Considerable experience of command in organization of purchase- sales of grain-crops for the necessities of national Reserve and commercial companies at the market.
it is Personal experience and connections with the public organs of Ministry of APC, Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine.
-    it is the Close collaboration and support of large public organizations : Associations of farmers and landed interests of Ukraine, Union of cooperative stores of Ukraine.
Periods of supplying with a commodity :
- sunflower meal 50 000 tons; whole-yearly;
- Corn 350 000 tons; October is May;
- Milling Wheat 150 000 tons; August is May
- Feed Wheat 300 000 tons; August is May
- Rapeseed 120 000 tons; August is February;
- Sunflower: 150 000 tons; September is March;
are Other products: in obedience to the request of customer.