6 КК-61-2   For HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE COWS STALL PERIOD,POSL.100 of DAYS of the LACTATION    281,00    288,00
7 КК-54 CG    For the LACTATING SOWS                                               299,00    306,00
8 КК-55-2 CG For PIGS ON SAGINATION of 70-120 kg                           280,00    287,00
9 КК-55-1 CG For PIGS ON SAGINATION 50-70 kg (GROVER)                 297,00    303,00
10 КК-51    For PIGS FROM 20 TO 50 KG                                                366,00    372,00
11 КК-3     For laying hen  Lohmann  9-16 WEEKS                                 277,00    284,00
12 КК-2    For laying hen  Lohmann  YOUNG GROWTH of 1-8 WEEKS     332,00    339,00
13 КК-1-3     For laying hen  BROKEN WHITE 65 WEEKS AND is MORE SENIOR    260,00    267,00
14 КК-1-2    For laying hen  Lohmann   46-65 WEEKS                            265,00    271,00
15 КК-1-1    For laying hen  Lohmann 21-45 WEEKS                              281,00    287,00
16 КК-1-0    For laying hen  Lohmann   17-21 WEEKS the PRELAYING    282,00    289,00The reliable Quality Assurance of our animal feed is the technological laboratory with an establishment of highly qualified specialists. Each ton of incoming feedstock is checked on safety and conformity to all quality characteristics of the production. Animal feed is checked for quality in the production process at an early stage and after the release of the charter batch.

Verification control is carried out more than 10 indicators, including analysis of the content of basic amino acids. Automatic software of the plant allows developing a recipe directly on customer request, to make the optimal calculation of product formulations and quality dosing, as well as take into account the peculiarities of mixing and granulation production.
- The full automation regime and modern technologies of production, the high quality feedstock, achievements and recommendations of scientists, the long experience of technologists provide the stability of production and the high-quality of animal feed.
- The quality of products that meets the requirements of national and international standards.

Production of animal feed begins with the reception and analysis of feedstock. The acceptance feedstock line is equipped by separating machine for filtration of primary products from not feeding foreign body and  dust. And also the line of peeling chaffy crops (barley) is mounted. Completely built weight hopper with metering accuracy 0.5 kg/t is used on the line of the basic dosing. Quantity of the dosed out components is to 15. The line of micro dosing is equipped by high-accuracy scales for weighing of portions with metering accuracy of 0.025 kg/t.Feed meal plant also is equipped by twin-shaft paddle mixer, which achieves high quality of mixing (coefficient of variation not less than 97%). Quantity of the dosed out components is to 12. Through macro-and microdosing and the appropriate mix, it allows producing additionally animal feed-concentrates, complete animal feed, protein-vitamin and protein-vitamin-mineral supplements, protein-vitamin concentrates on this line.

The plant is capable of producing as small quantities (2 tons), and also significant amounts of animal feed of identical composition. Quick access to the development of one type of recipe to another allows taking orders of different volumes and compositions for the production of animal feed for different kinds of poultry, livestock and fish of all ages. The plant was put into operation with a capacity of 10 t / h with the perspective of development to 20 t / h. The junction point of mixing is complemented by the line of intake of liquid components (oil) with weight measuring.

The granulation line allows producing both the pelleted complete feed with pellets of different diameter, and small granules – crushed pellets. Sifting machine for quantity control of pellets or small granules is also set up at the final stage of the process. The machine for pellet coating is mounted for additional intake of oil to complete feed composition. All stages of production process are checked on metal foreign matter availability.

Two lines are mounted for finished production discharge: the discharge line of bulk production and discharge line of packed production. The weight of bug is 4 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 40 kg. Technological process of complete feed manufacture is completely atomized that reduces the human factor influence to the minimum.

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