Goods: ______; Type of packing _______; Origin: ______;

Marking: __________
Price: $ ____ CIF Name port, Name country
Quantity: 1000 mt +/- 5%
Carrier: by container
Insurance: yes or no
Shipment(s): 1000 mt per month/ one shipment
Period of delivery (both dates included). From 03.04.2010 Till 30.04.2010

Quality, condition, limits and standards: Please advise quality, standarts, limits etc., Quantity, Quality and Condition and Final at place of staffing, loading, discharging as per Certificates issued by: Name of inspection company
ordered and paid by: Seller or Buyer.

Terms of delivery: please advise by 20 or 40 feet containers, vessels, trucks etc.

Terms of Payment: Please advise terms of payment T/T, CAD, ILC and name of bank

Other condition: Please specify

We hereby nominate Mr. _ as an agent for negotiation conditions of above mentioned shipment on Sellers account.
We understand that all offers, bids and contracts are subject to a successful verification of the availability of funds by the Principal.

For and on behalf of Company Name.

Position in company_____________Name and Family name

Dated and Stamped on: __.__.20__
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