Commodity: ________
Packing: __________
Origin: __________
Marking: ________
Price: _____
Incoterms basis: _______
Quantity and unit: ________
Annual quantity: ________
Shipment(s): ___________
Carrier: ______
Insurance: _____
Period of delivery:___________
Quality, condition, limits and standards: __________
Terms of delivery: ____________

Terms of Payment: (Irrevocable, Confirmed, Transferable, Documentary Letter of Credit, opened or confirmed by a A Plus bank acceptable to Seller, and payable 100% at sight against presentation of shipping documents, for the entire contract value of)
PERFORMANCE BOND: % of contract value of each shipment)
DOCUMENTS: (Following documents are requested to be presented for payment on shipment:
- Clean on board bill of lading marked "freight prepaid" and blank endorsed.
- Certificate of origin issued by or endorsed by Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin.
- Signed commercial invoice.
- Weight/packing list).
Other condition:
All other terms, conditions and rules, not in contradiction with the above contained in FOSFA, GAFTA, UCP 600, Incoterms 2010 latest edition
We hereby nominate Mr. ___________ as an agent for negotiation conditions of above mentioned shipment on Sellers account.
We understand that all offers, bids and contracts are subject to a successful verification of the availability of funds by the Principal.
For and on behalf of Company Name ____________.
Position in company_____________Name and Family name
Passport #: 
Dated and Stamped on:

- Buyer issues LOI
- Seller issues FCO
- Buyer confirm FCO
- Seller issues draft of the contract
- Buyer signs and returns of the contract to Seller via e-mail. 
- Seller signs and returns of the contract to Buyer via e-mail.
- Seller send original of the contract to Buyer by courier.
- Buyer's bank opens LC within the conditions mentioned in Contract;
- First shipment commences within 35 - 45 days after seller confirms the opened L/C by the buyer.

BANKING COORDINATES: Documentary letter of credit to be opened by:
Name & Address of Bank ________________________
Tel No.________ Fax No.________
Telex No________ Swift Code_________
Buyer's Account No___________
Name and address of confirming prime bank

We look forward to receiving Seller's FCO.

Yours sincerely
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