All other specification details as per relevant official standard for grain as applicable for the respective origin as specified above.
Quality and condition final at loading.
Quantity: min _.500 mtons / max _.500 metric tons less at Sellers’ option and at contract price. Loaded weight final.
Shipment: Shipment in between 1st-31st October 200_ (both dates inclusive) without extension of shipment
From any Black Sea port/s. Partial shipment and transhipment not allowed.
Price: US$. _1,00 (one) per metric ton. COST AND FREIGHT FREE OUT  (CFR - FO) BASIS JEDDAH / SAUDI ARABIA.
Buyers have the option to change the final destination in either Jordan – Aqaba,
Iran -  Bandar Abbas/Bandar Imam, or Cyprus – Limassol.

Continuation available upon request