quality/ condition:    quality and condition to be final at port of loading in as per first class  superintendet certificate at seller’s choice and expences. fumigation if needed at sellers cost. Buyers have the right to be present or represented at loading.
packing in bulk.
Nomination of the vessel: the seller will charter the vessel and shall inform the buyers about nomination of the vessel in due time to allow buyers to insure cargo and have possibility to be represented at loading.
Shipment period    25 july/25 august 200_.  Sellers is engaged to load as soon as possible when crop ready.
Price: u.s. Dollars 138,00 (hundred and thirty eight)  per metric ton cost and freight free out oristano – berth
any duty/tax/levy in country of origin to be for sellers account
any duty/tax/levy in country of destination to be for buyers account

Gafta 88 contract of selling peas in bulk by containers.

Commodity: UKRAINIAN YELLOW PEAS, crop 20__.

Goods shall be of sound, loyal and merchantable quality with the following specifications:
moisture: max. 14 %
- foreign matter: max. 1 %
- broken/splits: max. 8 %
- damaged: max. 5 % (incl. weevil damage)
- other colours: max. 3 %
Packing: In bulk, stuffed in 20 foot containers.
Insurance: To be covered by Buyers as per Gafta rules.
Parity: CNF CY (Cost and Freight Free Container Yard) 1 port India buyers option and including minimum 14 calendar days free time.
Payment: 100 % net cash with value within 48 hours against presentation of full set of original shipping documents (as described hereinafter) presented to Buyers first class European Bank.
Weight and Quality/Condition: final at time and place of loading as per certificates issued by a first class GAFTA approved Surveyor, at Sellers choice and costs.
Documents to be presented for payment in one lot in one original and  two copies:
Commercial invoice , stamped/signed by Sellers
Bills of Lading 3/3 original marked shipped on board and freight prepaid And 3 non-negotiable copies
Weight certificate, issued by first class Gafta approved Surveyor at sellers expense
Quality certificate, issued by first class Gafta approved Surveyor at sellers expense
Fumigation certificate
Certificate of origin, stamped/signed by Chamber of Commerce in the country of origin
Phytosanitary certificate, issued by competent authorities in country of origin
Packing list
Special conditions:
- Duties and taxes arising in country of origin to be for Sellers account and in country of destination to be for Buyers  account.
- Third party documents are acceptable except commercial invoice.
- Partial shipments allowed.
- Tran-shipment allowed.
THC in discharge port are at buyers account
- Buyer to present loading instructions before shipment
General Terms: All other terms, rules and conditions, not conflicting with the contents of this contract are as per GAFTA Nr. 86.
Arbitration, in London, as per GAFTA Nr. 125.
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