LAST TRADING DAY: The business day prior to the 15th calendar day of the contract month.

LAST DELIVERY DAY: Second business day following the last trading day of  the delivery month
DELIVERABLE GRADES: No.2 Yellow corn at par and substitutions at differentials established by the exchange.
CME Globex:  Sun-Fri: 6:00pm-7:15am and 9:30am - 1:15pm (CST).

Corn:  (cents/bushels) /2.5401 = usd/mt

Corn - MATIFF, Paris
Corn - MATIFF, Paris, France 
Currency €

Corn Futures
Unit of trading: Fifty tonnes
Origins tenderable: European Union
Quality: Yellow and/or red corn, of sound, fair and merchantable quality of the following standard:
Moisture basis 15%, maximum 15.5%
Broken grain basis 4%, maximum 10%
Sprouted grain basis 2.5%, maximum 6%
Grain admixture basis 4%, maximum 5%
Other impurities basis 1%, maximum 3%
The combined element of broken grain, sprouted grain, admixture grain and other impurities must not exceed 12% Discounts and additional requirements apply in conformity with Incograin contract n 23 and Technical Addendum n°5 Mycotoxins not to exceed, at the time of delivery, the maximum levels specified under EU legislation in force with respect unprocessed cereals intended for use in feed products. The underlying is said to be conventional corn, which is defined as a product containing no genetically modified organisms, or containing genetically modified organisms whose presence is adventitious or technically unavoidable, in accordance with requirements in force under EU Regulations (1) (1)EC regulation n 1829/2003 of the European Parliament and the Council of the 22 September 2003 on genetically modified food and feed (OJEU 18-10-2003).
Delivery months: November, January, March, June and August such that seven delivery months are available for trading
Price basis: Euros and Euro cents per tonne, in an approved public silo in : Bayonne : silo MAÏSICA - Blaye : silo SEMABLA - Bordeaux : silos d’AQUITAINE INVIVO, SPLB/SOBtran - La Rochelle Pallice : silos SICA ATLANTIQUE, SOCOMAC - Nantes : silo SONASTOCK.
Quotation: Euros and Euro cents per tonne
Minimum price movement: (tick size and value) 25 Euro cents per metric tonne (12.50€)
Last trading day: 18.30 on the fifth calendar day of the delivery month. If not a business day, then the first following business day
Notice day/Tender day: The first business day following the last trading day
Tender period: Any business day from the last trading day to the end of the specified delivery month
Delivery period: Any business day from the last trading day to the end of the specified delivery month
Trading hours: 10.45 - 18.30
Full contract specification and related documentation: Corn Futures Contract, Delivery Nov 2006 onwards

Corn - BMF, San Paulo, Brasilia
Contract Details,
Trading Hours For Corn Settled
Chain Ric Consolidated, Regular Trading Hours, After Hours Trading
Options Ric: N/A
Contract Size: 27 Metric Tons, Corresponding To 450 Units Of 60 Kg
Contract Months: January, March, May, July, August, September And November
Delivery Destination: Sгo Paulo (Sp)
Last Trading Day: The Fifteenth Day Of The Delivery Month. If That Day Is A Holiday Or Is Not A Trading Day At BMF Exchange, The Last Trading Day Shall Be The Following Business Day.
Trading Hours: Monday To Friday (Local Time), Electronic(Gts) - 09:00 To 15:30, After-Hours - 16:15 To 18:00

Future contract, Corn - Budapest

Corn world wide.
FYI in 2010 Future contracts: Corn - CBOT, Chicago, USA; Corn - MATIFF, Paris; Corn - BMF, San Paulo, Brasilia; Corn - Budapest