and transshipment of cargoes' by rail, marine, river, motor and air transport; provide an optimal transport servicing and organise carriage of foreign trade cargoes by different kinds of trainsport through the territories of foreign countries according to the terms of  contracts;
freight national and foreign vessels and assure their granting to the ports for duly dispatch of cargoes;
render the services, connected with receipt, accumulation, completion, grading of cargoes and completing units, transfer them to the transport organizations for transportation;
carry out  duly payments  to  the  ports and transport organizations for transportation, transshipment and storage of foreign trade cargoes;
issue documents according to customs, quarantine and sanitary requirements, arrange insurance of cargoes;
keep records on receipts and shipments of cargoes from ports and railway stations;
provide  safety  of cargoes  during their transportation, transshipment   and    preservation    with    involving of corresponding transport enterprises and organizations;
organize execution of transportation documents and their distribution;
in conformity with the established procedure present to transport agencies applications for dispatch of export, transit •and re-export cargoes and present orders for shipment of import, transit cargoes and cargoes not allowed to export;
take part in drawing up of protocols in cases stipulated by .active legislation;
settle together with transport companies and other transport organizations the matters on dispatch of cargoes which arrived in non-standard condition, with defects in damaged
condition, in inadequate, non-standard packages or in packages, which do not correspond to the demand of this transportation facilities;
draw measurement sketches for oversized and superheavy cargoes, organize fumigation of cargoes;
 organize transportation of private luggage of citizens.

4.     Transport companies;    organize preservation of cargoes including re-export cargoes and cargoes without permission for export during their transportation, reloading and warehousing;
effect delivery of cargoes in the stipulated time to the point of destination and ensure loading and unloading of vehicles in due time at the statutory prices and tariffs according to the
current legislation of Ukraine;
keep records on the transport of cargoes and of spare tare;
provide the freight forwarder with necessary data for further notification of cargo owners;
carry put inventorying of cargoes on the ground of freight forwarder application.with his participation and for his expenses:    assure   access   to   cargo   accompanying   and  shipping
documents, organize equal conditions and promote freight forwarders in performing of their functions.

5. The relations between the participants of transport and freight forwarding activities are to be stipulated on the basis of contracts. The participants of this activities are free in their choice of subject of the contract, determination of the obligations, other covenants of mutual relations, that is not contrary to active legislation,

6. Cargo owners provide .freight forwarders with statements • and documentation for the fulfillment of obligation; charged to them (licenses, certificates, navicerts, declarations etc.).

7. Each of participants of transport and freight forwarding process is entitled to transfer the part of his obligations to other participants according to the agreement, in which the conditions of correspondent services and the procedure of payment for them arc determined.

8. The planning of cargoes transportation by all kinds of transport is being carried our according to active legislation of Ukraine.

Transit carriage
9. Transit carriage - it is the transportation through the territory of Ukraine of cargoes (productions, goods), manufactured outside Us borders without any usage in Ukraine and transfer to other owner.

10.    The transportation through the territory of Ukraine of oil, oil products, natural gas and other liquids and gaseous substances by pipelines is equal to transit cargoes.

11. The transit carriage are being carries out in conformity with active in Ukraine customs, transport and other legislation, and with these Rules.

12. The passing of transit cargoes and of transport vehicles also may be executed either with transshipment, storing, dividing of consignments, with change of transport means, or
without these operations.

13. Transit carriages are being executed by most rational . ways through the corresponding cross points on the State borders. While this is equal conditions of cargoes (products, goods) passing are provided without respect to what country they belong, and without respect to any other circumstance's concerning to their owner.

14. These Rules are not valid for transit of luggage, being carried by passengers, for male parcels, and for transit of cargoes of military purposes

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