6.5 Nomination of Fumigation company. Execution
6.6 Drafts of shipping documents forwarding agent. Execution
6.7 Original of shipping documents. Execution
6.8 LOA. Execution
6.9 LOI. Execution
7 Payment from Buyer
7.1 Shipping doc to Buyer bank by fax. Execution
7.2 Shipping doc by fax to Broker or. Execution
7.3 Invoices to Buyers. Account
7.4 Payments from Buyers. Account
7.5 ETA Notice to buyer and port of discharge. Execution
7.6 Doc to bank by courier. Execution
7.7 Instruct Bank to send doc to. Execution
8 Discharge
8.1 Nomination of surveyor. Execution
8.2 Analysis. Execution
8.3 Doc to bank by courier. Execution
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