Sell, Sunflower Seeds, Yaguar, UA

Price .00
Packing: Container, in 25 kg bags
Trade: Offer
Dated: 26.05.2017
Origin: Ukraine
QTY: 500
Units: MT
Rate: usd/mt
Place: Odessa, Ukraine

Please find below trade lot details. In case you are looking for an indication to a different destination, packing, quality please do not hesitate to contact us.
The SELLER are ready to offer and are looking for Buyer which ready to buy, purchase and receive commodity: Confectionary Sunflower Seeds (Yaguar).
Moisture: max 8 pct;
Purity: min 97 pct;
Oil Admixture max 12 pct;
Oil content min 39.7 pct (dry)
FFA max 1.2
Count 1000 pieсes per 156 gr.
Caliber: 4+
Goods to be sound, loyal and merchantable free from alive insects and foreign smell.

Shipment by trucks or containers in bulk, big bag, 25/ 50 kg PP bags.
CFR Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents as follows:
1. Full set 3/3 Shipped on board B/L;
2. Signed Commercial Invoice.
3. Certificate of quality and quantity;
4. Certificate of Origin;
5. Fumigation Certificate;
6. Phytosanitary Certificate.
7. Signed Packing list;
Quality of goods final at loading port as per Certificate of Quantity issued by GAFTA member inspection company appointed and paid by Seller.
Payment: negotiable
Offer available against your demand/ inquiry by contact form below or e-mail.

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