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The Internet Commerce, International trade, Contracts, Negotiations.

The list of services for international trade.
1.    Way and method of the organization of the enterprise.
2.    Presence of the company on the specified region of the world.
3.    Creation of a commercial site.
4.    Advertising of a site (company).
5.    Advertising in territory of the CIS.

6.    Advertising in the international market
7.    Support of business activity of the company.
8.    Training of the personnel.

Marketing the international market for the specified goods
1.    Requirements to quality of the goods, the international standards and regional standards.
2.    Samples, catalogues, booklets.
3.    The prices of the international market (EXW, FOB, CIF and reception price list).
4.    Support of marketing of the international market on the goods by the month.

Negotiations with contractors (potential partners).

1.    Definition of the partner for the contract.
2.    Check of the partner on conformity (a reality, capacity).
3.    Logistic (an optimality - quantity, delivery, insurance, an overload, warehousing).
4.    Definition of conditions of delivery agrees INCOTERMS - 2000.
5.    Definition of a carrier and cost of its services.
6.    Definition of the insurance company and cost of services.
7.    Definition of a license warehouse and cost of services.
8.    Definition of a code of the goods agrees HIS code.
9.    Definition of the size and kind of customs payments.
10.    Definition of the list of allowing documents.
11.    Definition of cost of services of the allowing organizations.
12.    Definition of cost of the goods in a place of delivery.
13.    Consultations on a way of payment of the goods.
14.    Consultations on a way deliveries.
15.    Recommendations on special items of the international contract.
16.    Support up to contracts works.
17.    Training of the personnel and training.

Drawing up and performance of the international contract.

1.    Negotiations with the partner on conditions of the contract on advantage of the customer.
2.    Drawing up of the text of the contract agrees requirements of the internal legislation and the international rules and customs.
3.    Signing of the original of the contract by the parties.
4.    Definition of bank of the partner of the company of the customer.
5.    Drawing up of the text of bank payment documents according to the contract, the coordination.
6.    Support of negotiations with the partner during time execution of the contract.
7.    Support of financial and commodity streams agrees the contract (performance of the contract by participants of the contract).
8.    Influence on execution of the contract for each case.
9.    Definition and drawing up of contracts with the subcontract enterprises (customs brokers, license warehouses, insurers, forwarding agents, carriers).
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