What Does Letter of Intent - LOI Mean? An agreement that describes in detail a corporation's intention to execute a corporate action. The letter of intent is created by the corporation with its management and legal council, among others, and outlines the details of the action.
Explain of Letter of Intent - LOI. Letters of intent are used during the merger and acquisitions process to outlines a firm's plan to buy/take over another company. For example, the letter of intent will disclose the specific terms of the transaction (whether it is a cash or stock deal).

Specimen: Company letter head
Company Name: Address: Phone: Fax: e-mail:
Date: Ref. ____
To: Seller via ___

Letter of Intend (LOI) valid until _____

Dear Sirs/ Madam,

We are as Principal stated above legally represented by ___ confirm with full legal and corporate responsibility under penalty of perjury, that we are ready, willing and able to buy the commodity as per the specifications, in the quantity and for the price, as specified in the terms and conditions as stated below:

Commodity: ________
Packing: __________
Origin: __________
Marking: ________
Price: _____
Incoterms basis: _______
Quantity and unit: ________
Annual quantity: ________
Shipment(s): ___________
Carrier: ______
Insurance: _____
Period of delivery:___________
Quality, condition, limits and standards: __________
Terms of delivery: ____________

Terms of Payment: (Irrevocable, Confirmed, Transferable, Documentary Letter of Credit, opened or confirmed by a A Plus bank acceptable to Seller, and payable 100% at sight against presentation of shipping documents, for the entire contract value of)
PERFORMANCE BOND: % of contract value of each shipment)
DOCUMENTS: (Following documents are requested to be presented for payment on shipment:
- Clean on board bill of lading marked "freight prepaid" and blank endorsed.
- Certificate of origin issued by or endorsed by Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin.
- Signed commercial invoice.
- Weight/packing list).
Other condition:
All other terms, conditions and rules, not in contradiction with the above contained in FOSFA, GAFTA, UCP 600, Incoterms 2010 latest edition
We hereby nominate Mr. ___________ as an agent for negotiation conditions of above mentioned shipment on Sellers account.
We understand that all offers, bids and contracts are subject to a successful verification of the availability of funds by the Principal.
For and on behalf of Company Name ____________.
Position in company_____________Name and Family name
Passport #: 
Dated and Stamped on:

- Buyer issues LOI
- Seller issues FCO
- Buyer confirm FCO
- Seller issues draft of the contract
- Buyer signs and returns of the contract to Seller via e-mail. 
- Seller signs and returns of the contract to Buyer via e-mail.
- Seller send original of the contract to Buyer by courier.
- Buyer's bank opens LC within the conditions mentioned in Contract;
- First shipment commences within 35 - 45 days after seller confirms the opened L/C by the buyer.

BANKING COORDINATES: Documentary letter of credit to be opened by:
Name & Address of Bank ________________________
Tel No.________ Fax No.________
Telex No________ Swift Code_________
Buyer's Account No___________
Name and address of confirming prime bank

We look forward to receiving Seller's FCO.

Yours sincerely
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