Odessa, Ukraine 07th of October, 20_
Seller: Represented by Mr. _., Director, acting in accordance with the Articles of Association, on the one part, and
Buyer: Represented by director Mr. ___, acting on the basis of the Articles of Association on the other hand, have concluded the present Contract as follows:
1. SUBJECT OF THE  CONTRACT. The SELLER undertakes to supply and transfer to the BUYER the Barley in bulk, crop 20, origin – Ukraine or Moldova, year crop - 2011, further called the Goods, and the BUYER undertakes to accept the Goods and to pay it on the terms of the present Contract.
2. QUALITY OF THE GOODS. Quality of goods final at loading port as per Certificate of Quantity issued by GAFTA member inspection company appointed and paid by Seller in accordance with the following specification:
Test weight  61/62 kg/hl,
moisture max 14,5%,
admix max 2,0%,
Other grains  max 2%.
Sound, loyal, merchantable, free from of infestation and foreign smell. Free from alive insects and free from quarantine weed seeds.
Price of Goods USD 616.00 (USD six hundred and sixteen) per metric ton FOB (Free On Board - Incoterms 2010) one safe port /one safe berth always afloat. Port of loading Reny, Ukraine. Total value of goods USD 3,080,000.00 +/-5%

Delivery:  July  / August 31,  200_, both dates included. Sellers will declare 2nd half June the exact delivery period.

All other terms as per

11.1    All other terms, conditions and rules, not in contradiction with the above contained in GAFTA 49 (Central and Eastern Europe - Bulk/Bags FOB), UCP 600, Incoterms 2010 latest edition on the date of the contract, by which  parties admit that they have knowledge and notice, apply to this transaction and the details of above given shall be as part of present contract.

Continuation available upon request
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