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Terms and Conditions


Buckwheat is primarily a human food crop, used in similar fashion to cereal grains such as wheat or oats.
Even though buckwheat is not a true cereal, it is sometimes called a -pseudocereal-. 
Buckwheat seeds are dehulled, and the remaining seed material, called a groat, is ground into flour.
The flour is often mixed with flour from other cereal grains, to make breads, breakfast cereals or other multi-grain products.
In Russia, where buckwheat is native, it is used in a variety of food products, including roasting the whole groats to make -kasha-. 
Buckwheat is high in lysine, which wheat and corn are low in. The protein content of dehulled buckwheat is about 12%, with only 2% fat.
Buckwheat, FOB or CIF, Sell
Trade Type: Offer
Packing: in PP bags
Origin: Ukraine
Quantity: 100 Metric Ton
Price: SCO agains LOI
Currency: USD
Incoterms: FOB Odessa port, Ukraine
Delivery Period: one month advise notice

The SELLER undertakes to supply and transfer to the BUYER Buckwheat in 25/50 kg pp bags by containers, crop 2012, Ukrainian origin.
For Ukraine DSTU 4524:2006 BUCKWHEAT, specifications.
For Russia GOST 19092-92 Buckwheat. Requirements for state purchases and deliveries
The quality shall correspond and based on buyer's secification
1 Moisture % Max 14.5
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