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Terms and Conditions
We are dealing with Black, White and Yellom Mustard seeds and will deliver on CFR/ CIF basis to ASWP (any save word port) by containers. More detail trade offer/ bid you can find at Trade section (Home/ Oilseeds/ Mustard seeds)

White Mustard Seeds (Brassica Alba)
oi mseeds wOil content: min 32 pct on dry;
Moisture: max 9 pct;
Grain admixture: max 4 pct;
FM: max 2 pct;

Black Mustard Seeds 
(Brassica nigra)
oi mseeds blackOil content: min 42 pct on dry;
Moisture: max 9 pct; 
Grain admixture: max 4 pct;
FM: max 2 pct;

Yellow Mustard Seeds (Brassica juncea)
oi-mustardyOil content: min 42 pct on dry;
Moisture: max 8 pct; 
FM: max 2 pct;

Other Names
Yellow Mustard (US)
French: moutarde blanche
German: Senf, Weisser Senf
Italian: senape biancha
Spanish: mostaza silvestre

Brown mustard (UK), Grocer’s mustard
French: moutarde noire
German: Schwarzer Senf
Italian: senape nera
Spanish: mostaza negra
Chinese: Banarsi rai, rai, kurva teil (oil)
Indian: Banarsi rai, rai, kurva teil (oil)
Japanese: karashi
Malay: diji savi
Singhalese: abba

Indian Mustard
French: moutarde de Chine
German: Indischer Senf
Italian: senape Indiana
Spanish: mostaza India
Indian: kimcea, Phari rai, rai

Mustard plant is one of a few plant species that are found in various countries.

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