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We are dealing with White and Yellom Mustard seeds.

Seller (first class worldwide well known) will deliver Mustard seeds ex Ukraine, Russia and others countries on FOB or CIF basis to ASWP (any save word port) by containers.

Price could be send to buyer against LOI and Company Profile.

Payments could be done by LC (Letter of Credit) or CAD (cash against documents) depends on the buyer.

Mustard seeds GOST 9159-71

Moisture                      max 12 pct
Oilseeds Admixture  max 6 pct
Foreign matter           max 2 pct

White Mustard Seeds (Brassica Alba)


Oil content: min 32 pct on dry;
Moisture: max 8 pct;
Grain admixture: max 4 pct;
FM: max 2 pct;

Yellow Mustard Seeds (Brassica juncea)


Oil content: min 40 pct on dry;
Moisture: max 8 pct;
FM: max 2 pct;

Mustard plant is one of a few plant species that are found in various countries.


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