Terms and Conditions
Name Packing Trade Valid Picture Quantity Units Price Rate Incoterms Basis Delivery
Buying Sunflower Meal at Ravenna in bulk Bid 06.06.2015 2500 MT 0 usd/mt CFR Ravenna, Italy Spot
Soybeans Meal sell by vessel in bulk Offer 27.02.2015 5000 MT 0 usd/mt FOB Small Black Sea port Spot
Sunflower Meal sell by fcls in bulk Offer 28.08.2015 500 MT 0 usd/mt FOB Ukraine, Small port spot
Sunflower Meal by FCLs in bulk Offer 28.08.2015 1000 MT 0 usd/mt CFR ASWP Spot
Sunflower Meal by vessel in bulk Bid 28.08.2015 5000 MT 0 usd/mt CFR Morocco Spot
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