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Trading Sunflower for oil, Sunflower seeds Dakota, Sunflower seeds Reina, Sunflower seeds Lacomka, Confectionary, Sunflower seeds Iregi
Moisture max 14%;
Purity min 98% but could be better based on your demands.
Packing is in bulk, big bag or 25/ 50 kg PP bags.
Delivery could be as per Incoterms 2010 (FCA, FAS, FOB, DAP, CFR, CIF) to ASWP (any save word port) by containers, trucks or by vessels.
Ordinary quality as it mention below but always according to the contract.
Purity min 98%;
Moisture: max. 8%;
- Sunflower seeds Dakota
oi sunflower dakota2

Sunflower seeds Reina
oi sunflower reina2

Sunflower seeds Lacomka
oi sunflower lakomka2

Sunflower seeds Iregi
oi sunflower iregi2

- Sunflower for oil:
- Oil content: basis 44%, min 42%,
- Admixture: basis 2% to 4%;
- Moisture: basis 7% max. 8%;

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