This section is for trading of agricultural commodities:Sunflower Seeds Reina, Sunflower Seeds Lacomka, Sunflower Seeds Dakota, Sunflower Seeds Shelly, Sunflower Seeds Iregi. Shipments are in big bag, 25/50 kg PP bags on Incoterms 2010 basis (DDU, CFR, CIF).by vessels, containers, trucks.
The SELLER are to be ready to offer/ SCO, negotiate terms of the contract to sell, supply, transfer commodities. The Buyer are to be ready to buy/ LOI, purchase and receive commodity. Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents. Payment: Cash Against Documents, Letter of Credit at sight.
If you are willing to buy/ sell goods please send inquiry via form Contact Autour on the end of each trade lot you are interesting in or via Registration.

SCO, Sunflower, for Oil, UAFCLs, in bulkOffer22-02-2018thumb_oi-sunflower-lakomka2100MT0usd/mtFOBUkraineSend Inquiry
SCO, Sunflower, Stripped, TURFCLs, 25 kg PP bagsOffer22-02-2018thumb_oi-sunflower-shelly2250MT0usd/mtCFRMersin, TurkeySend Inquiry
SCO, Sunflower, Confectionery, PAKFCLs, in 25 kg bagsOffer22-02-2018thumb_oi-sunflower-lakomka2600MT1000usd/mtFOBUkraineSend Inquiry
LOI, Sunflower, Iregi, ECfcls, in bulkBid22-02-2018thumb_oi-sunflower-iregi2100MT0usd/mtCFRASWPSend Inquiry
LOI, Sunflower, Stripped, AsiaFCLs, 25 kg bagsBid22-02-2018thumb_oi-sunflower-reina2100MT0usd/mtCFRAsiaSend Inquiry
SCO, Sunflower, for oil 99.5, UAfcls, in 25 kg bagsOffer18-12-2017thumb_oi-sunflower-oil250MT0usd/mtCFRAustraliaSend Inquiry
SCO, Sunflower, for Oil, Asiafcls, in bulkOffer18-12-2017thumb_oi-sfs-lakomka500MT415usd/mtCFRAsiaSend Inquiry
LOI, Sunflower, TURFCLs, 25 kg bagsBid28-11-2017thumb_oi-sfs-lakomka244MT0usd/mtCFRMersin, TurkeySend Inquiry
LOI, Sunflower, for Oil, AsiaFCLs, in bulkBid24-11-2017thumb_oi-sunflower-lakomka2500MT395usd/mtCFRAsiaSend Inquiry
SCO, Sunflower, Organic, ECin bulk, 50/ 25 kg bagsOffer31-10-2017thumb_oi-sunflower-lakomka2100MT0usd/mtCFREuropeSend Inquiry