Trade Commodities

Sunflower Seeds

This section is for trading of agricultural commodities: Sunflower Seeds Reina, Sunflower Seeds Lacomka, Sunflower Seeds Dakota, Sunflower Seeds Shelly, Sunflower Seeds Iregi.  
The SELLER are to be ready to offer/ SCO, negotiate terms of the contract to sell, supply, transfer commodities. The Buyer are to be ready to buy/ LOI, purchase and receive commodity. If you are willing to buy/ sell goods please send inquiry via form Contact Autour on the end of each trade lot you are interesting in or via Registration.

SCO, Sunflower, Oily, UAfcls, in bulkOffer11. 4. 2018thumb_oi-sunflower-oily1300MT720usd/mtFASOdessa, UkraineInquiry
SCO, Sunflower, Yaguar, UAFCLs, in bulkOffer11. 4. 2018thumb_oi-sunflower-yaguar44MT795usd/mtFASUkraineInquiry
SCO, Sunflower, Stripped, UAfcls, in 25 kg bagsOffer13. 3. 2018thumb_oi-sunflower-reina2250MT725usd/mtFASOdessa, UkraineInquiry
LOI, Sunflower, Stripped, TWNFCLs, 25 kg bagsBid13. 3. 2018thumb_oi-sunflower-reina2100MT0usd/mtCFRAsiaInquiry
SCO, Sunflower, Stripped, TURFCLs, 25 kg PP bagsOffer22. 2. 2018thumb_oi-sunflower-shelly2250MT0usd/mtCFRMersin, TurkeyInquiry
SCO, Sunflower, Confectionery, PAKFCLs, in 25 kg bagsOffer22. 2. 2018thumb_oi-sunflower-lakomka2600MT1000usd/mtFOBUkraineInquiry
LOI, Sunflower, Iregi, ECfcls, in bulkBid22. 2. 2018thumb_oi-sunflower-iregi2100MT0usd/mtCFRASWPInquiry
LOI, Sunflower, TURFCLs, 25 kg bagsBid28. 11. 2017thumb_oi-sfs-lakomka244MT0usd/mtCFRMersin, TurkeyInquiry
LOI, Sunflower, for Oil, AsiaFCLs, in bulkBid24. 11. 2017thumb_oi-sunflower-lakomka2500MT395usd/mtCFRAsiaInquiry
SCO, Sunflower, Organic, ECin bulk, 50/ 25 kg bagsOffer31. 10. 2017thumb_oi-sunflower-lakomka2100MT0usd/mtCFREuropeInquiry