Trade AGRI Goods

Portal for trading (sell, puchase) commodities: Cereals, Fodder, Food, Oil seeds, Pulses, Vegetable oils.
Trade Lots
presented at web-site based on inquiry from seller (ask, offer) or buyer (bid, buy).
Registered principals can see prices (ask, bid) and send inquiry via Contact Autour at detail view of trade lot.
Terms and Brokerage conditions at link.

Trader canPackingDateImageOriginQtyUnitBasisIncotermsContact
Offer, Radish, Seeds, UAcontainer, bulk21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-radishUkraine100MTFCAUkraine or CFRContact Autour
Offer, Hemp, Seeds, UATruck, big bag21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-hempseed2Ukraine50MTFCAUkraine or CFRContact Autour
Offer, Linseed, Brown, BGDcontainer, bulk21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-flax-oil-brown2Ukraine350MTCFRChittagong or CFR inquiryContact Autour
Offer, Linseed, Brown 99.99, UAcontainer, bulk21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-flax-oil-brown21Ukraine100MTFASUkraine or CFRContact Autour
Offer, Mustard, Seeds, Black, UAtruck, big bag21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-mustardseeds-black2Ukraine200MTFCAUkraine or CFRContact Autour
Offer, Mustard, Seeds, White, ECcontainer, bulk21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-mseeds-white2Ukraine1000MTFCAUkraine or CFRContact Autour
Offer, Mustard, Seeds, White, POLtruck, big bag21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-mseeds-white-2Moldova200MTDAPEuropeContact Autour
Offer, Mustard, Seeds, Yellow, ECcontainer, bulk21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-mseeds-yellow21Ukraine100MTFCAUkraine or CFRContact Autour
Offer, Pumpkin, Seeds, UAcontainer, bag21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-pumpkin-grey-volga2Ukraine100MTFASUkraine or CFRContact Autour
Offer, Rapeseed, BGDcontainer, bulk21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-rapeseeds2Ukraine500MTCFRChittagongContact Autour