CONTRACT dated August 8th, 20_
1. THE SELLER: 2. THE BUYER: 3. COMMODITY: Wheat Bran Pellets in bulk (hereinafter referred to as Goods), from crop 20_.
4. QUANTITY: 5’000 tons 10 % more or less at Buyer’s option. Weight is final at loading port as per Certificate of Weight issued by the first class super-intendent company at Buyer's choice and his expense.
5.1. Goods is sound, loyal, merchantable, free of foreign smell, alive insects, poisonous substances, quarantine objects not older then 3 month after production and corresponds to the following requirements:
Moisture: max. 14,5 %
Protein: min.  14,0 %
Fiber: max.   8,0 %
Diameter of pellets: 8,0–12,0 mm
5.2. Quality is final at loading port as per Certificates, issued by the first class superin-tendent company at Buyer's choice, order and his expense.
6.1. Price of Goods delivered Free on Board Buyer's vessel  (FOB) under the Contract is USD 59.00  per one  metric ton.

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