PASvTrade is my trade portal PAS (Professionalism Accuracy, Service)vTrade. Web-site done myself based on more them 40 years personal education and experience ( consulting, trading, brokerage, shipping, carriage). Main activity is brokerage as per GTAS (GAFTA TRADE ASSURANCE SCHEME) Brokerage. Trading portal are presented to trade commodities, help understanding traders each other, improve knowledge’s and to conclude contact as per common rules excepted worldwide. 

Sections of Portal: Trade Commodities. Lots combined in Categories (Cereals, Oilseeds, Pulses and ect.); . Sub-categories exp. Cereals (Wheat, Barley, Corm and ect.); Trade lot commodity show trade details.  If you are willing to buy or sell goods please send inquiry from form Contact Autour on the end of trade lot you are interesting in or via RegistrationPASvTrade is storing your personal information. This information is used to comply with our services to you. We need your explicit consent to store and process this information in accordance with our Privacy Statement. You can revoke your consent at any time. 

- Principal. This Section is for user registration, managment, mailing and etc.,

- Specifications. This Section is for commodities standard.

The list of products our company working with:
- Cereals – Millet (red, yellow), Sorghum (white, red), Oats, Canary Seeds, Barley, Yellow Corn, Rye, Wheat;
- Oilseeds – Sunflower (stripped, confectionery, for oil) Soybeans, , Rapeseeds, Gold and Brown Flax-oil seeds, Yellow and White and Black Mustard seeds;
- Pulses – Yellow and Green Peas, Chickpeas 6+ 8+, Vetch, Green Lentils;
- Vegoil – Refined and Crude Sunoil (in bulk, PET), Rapeoil, Soyoil;
- Foodstuff – Coriander (whole, split), Sunflower Kernels (bakery, confectionery), Walnuts (whole, kernels), Wheat flour, Rye flour, Beet Sugar;
- Feedstuff - Wheat Bran, Sunflower and Soya Meal, Sunflower and Soya Cake, Sugar Beet Pulp;  

List of agro commodities is not limited by above. Trade leads given on a portal, express the position of the Principals. Prices subject to change without notice, prices valid for limited time only or until stock/demand lasts. You can send inquiry based on trade lots available on Trade page or based on your own demand. 

You have to send inquiry indicating:
- Name of the Principal with details and contact person;
- Name of commodity and picture (for ingradients)
- Tonnage mt, etc
- Packing (in bulk or in bags)
- Price USD and Incoterms basis (FOB, CIF)
- Name of Port, Country
- Specification with standard applied
- contractual period
- Terms of shipment
- Way of payment and name of your bank
- Any other information which could be helpful for future contract.

We will reply to you as per GTAS (GAFTA TRADE ASSURANCE SCHEME) Brokerage (please see full text below) and we will do our best to fulfil your request.
Please do not hesitate to send inquiry in case you have any questions or doubt.

You will receive Professional Accuracy Service (PAS) information support in:
- International commodity trading of goods (LOI, BCL, FCO, ICPO and etc); supervision inspections of agricultural commodities; Laboratory analyses of commodities as per GAFTA, FOSFA, EC, GOST, DSTU standards. 
- We is assisting you to trade on Incoterms basis (EXW, CPT, CFR, CIF, FOB, DAF, DDU, etc). Commodities could be shipped by vessels (in bulk, in woven polypropylene bags, jumbo bag, big bags), in containers (in bulk, container bags, tanks, flex tanks, etc), wagons, trucks and etc..
- Competitive price will arise by showing your trade leads demands at once to the word traders, brokers, suppliers, manufactures, exporters, importers and other businessman, which have offer, bids or inquiries of commodities.

If you are in:
- Demand of commodities - Bid, Buy, Letter of Intend (LOI)
- Offer of commodities - Offer, Soft Offer, Corporate Quotation (CQ)
- Inquiry of service - inquiry (I)

Code of Practice for Brokers
A     Introduction This Code of Practice is for Brokers and their clients engaged in the trading of combinable crops and animal feed materials. It sets out the procedures that must be followed. Failure to comply with the Code does not in itself invalidate a contract or agreement between two contracting parties.
B     Scope This Code of Practice is for the use of Brokers who have negotiated the confirmation terms of a contract between sellers and buyers using as a basis and incorporating the appropriate standard contract terms. Where there is one Broker to a transaction he is deemed to be acting on behalf of both sellers and buyers; referred to here as the Principals. Where there are two Brokers to a transaction, they are each deemed to be acting for and on behalf of the principal to the contract by whom they were engaged.
C     Definitions relating to this Manual are set out in the Scheme Overview or are available separately in Part 3 of the scheme documentation.
1.0     Code of Practice for Brokers
1.1     Confirmation Of Contract Following the unconditional acceptance of an offer a contract exists between the Buyer and the Seller (Principals). The Broker may confirm by a method of rapid communication such as telex, or letter if delivered by hand on the date of writing, or telefax, or email or other electronic means (not later than the next business day unless otherwise agreed), confirmation of acceptance of this contract.
1.2 K     In any event the Broker should provide a full and accurate written contract confirmation of the business so agreed between the Principals.
1.3     Any special conditions which are not covered by an agreed standard contract form, such as the Gafta Standard Contract forms, should be specifically negotiated and confirmed in writing at this time.
1.4 K     In the case of a sole Broker; when a contract confirmation is drafted by him it should be sent to both Principals for signature.
1.5     In the case of two Brokers; unless otherwise agreed it shall be the duty of the Sellers' Broker to raise the contract confirmation and to send it to the other Broker. The Brokers should exchange the terms between them, and drafts should continue to be exchanged between them, until such time as they are identical and agreed, before they are sent to their Principals for signature. Both Brokers should be named on the contract.
1.6     Failure by a party to sign a contract confirmation does not necessarily invalidate it but their signatures provide certainty, particularly at a later stage if there is a dispute.
2.0 Notices
2.1      All notices required to be served on the contracting parties should be communicated rapidly in legible form. Where Gafta contracts apply, the acceptable methods of rapid communication are defined in the Gafta Notices clause as either telex, or letter if delivered by hand on the date of writing, or telefax, or email or other electronic means, always subject to the proviso that if receipt of any notice is contested by the addressee the burden of proof of transmission shall be on the sender who shall, in the case of dispute, establish, to the satisfaction of the arbitrators or board of appeal that the notice was actually transmitted to the addressee.
2.2     Notices for the appropriation clauses of Gafta Contracts provide for the despatch of a notice either direct to a principal, or to a Broker/agent, which is then deemed to have been received.
2.3     A notice to a Broker or agent under the parties' contracts terms is deemed to be a 'Notice' under the contract.
2.4     When a notice is received by a Broker he has a duty to pass it on as quickly as possible in accordance with the contract terms. Failure to do so could result in a breach of contract by one of the Principals.

3.0 Brokerage Commission
3.1      Rates of commission are negotiated between Brokers and their Principals direct, and are not subject to a scale or agreement by any organisation or association.
3.2     The Brokerage Clause in Gafta Contracts is the agreement between the Principals with regard to the payment by them of the brokerage agreed. A Broker is not a party to that agreement.
3.3     A Broker is not a party to his Principals contract and does not fall under any of their terms with particular regard but not limited to, the fulfillment or default of a contract, nor its domicile or jurisdiction clause.
3.4     A Broker and/or his Principal may wish to enter into an agreement for brokerage and may use the specimen form attached at Annex A.
4.0 General Standards
4.1 Professional Indemnity Insurance Brokers are advised to take out Professional Indemnity Insurance.
4.2 K     Brokers must comply with all statutes, statutory instruments and regulations applicable in the country in which they operate and, where applicable, are authorised to operate as Brokers.
4.3 K     A Broker must not act as a principal, professionally or privately in the physical commodity or related paper market in which they are broking.
4.4 K     A Broker must not act as an agent for any company and must remain free from any commercial ties that could prejudice any advice given to a client.
4.5 K     Brokers must not at any time exchange monies with an employee of any company acting as a Principal in a contract in which the Broker has an involvement.
4.6     Brokers should at all times give best and impartial advice and should not knowingly mislead a client.
5.0     Arbitration In the event of a dispute between a Broker and his Principal, the use of the attached specimen agreement at Annex A, will provide for settlement by arbitration in accordance with Gafta Simple Dispute Arbitration Rules No 126, in force at the date of the agreement.

Before to exchange any contact details and/ or any confidential information you have to have Brokerage Contract with us. Main details are presented below:

Brokerage Contract
Represented by Mr. , Director, acting in accordance with Statute, on the one part, 


Broker: Mr. 
on the other hand, have concluded the present Contract as follows:

1. Subject of contract and obligation of the parties under trade in goods: 

1.1 The Broker takes up obligations:
1.1.1 To negotiate for conclusion of purchase sale contracts of physical commodities;
1.1.2 Rendering services on research market opportunities and a finding of the general opinion;
1.1.3 Consultation in area of commercial activity;
1.1.4 To present invoice as per services done.

1.2 Principal undertakes
1.2.1 To give order to Broker  for performance of services including all necessary data for performance of the order;
1.2.2 To send and receive information on the stage of negotiation, conclusion, execution and subsequent settlement of the issues raised only through the Broker .
1.2.3 To pay Brokerage Commission at on all Contracts entered into with other parties introduced through Broker, whether or not such Contracts are afterwards cancelled, broken or otherwise terminated before fulfilment.

2. The adopted Norm regulating performance of the contract.
2.1 Both parties know, using and accepted as part of the contact international documents for conclusion of the Trading Contract such as: GAFTA contacts including GATS (GAFTA Trade Assurance Scheme), FOSFA contracts including FOSFA 95, Incoterms 2010, ICC rules, UCP600, UNO rules. 

2.2 Parties have to follow Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCND) main rules of them:
2.2.1 The Parties shall maintain complete confidentiality regarding each other’s business and/or their affiliates and shall only disclose knowledge pertaining to these specifically Named Parties as permitted by the concerned Party.
2.2.2 The Parties shall not in any way whatsoever circumvent each other and/or attempt such circumvention of each other and/or any of the parties involved in any of the transactions the Parties wish to enter.   

3. The size of payment and the order of payments.
3.1 Tariffs for performance of services executed in accordance with contracts or order under participation of Broker:

3.1.1 shipment by vessel – 1 USD per MT; 
3.1.2 shipment by wagons, containers, cars or renewal in a warehouse – 1% from total value of contract;
3.1.3 Tariff of the service have to be stipulated in the Principal application/ order and specified in the sale/ purchase agreement.
3.2 Payment for services to be made in USD within 2 (two) banking days after execution of the order (sales purchase contract concluded, executed and payment done and/ sales purchase contract concluded but shipment not done) by cash or wire transfer.

4.1 The Principal guarantees conclude contracts with Buyers, Sellers or their Partners given by the Broker only at participation of the Broker.
4.2 All other terms as per FOSFA 95 or GATS (GAFTA Trade Assurance Scheme) 
4.3 The present contract is made in duplicate on one for each party.
4.4 The contract signed and transferred by fax or scanned and transferred by e-mail, is valid the original up to an exchange of originals.
4.5 The contract operates from the moment of its signing by both parties and valid 5 years.

5. References and signature of parties:

Director: ______________ 

Broker:   _______________