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Dear Visitors.

This letter of protest sent to buyer without prejudges due to non payment/ delay for goods withing 21 days and buyer's request to make correction and documnets which against contract.

Dear Mr. ,
Ref: CONTRACT No.,  Dated,  
Seller:, Buyer:  

mt +/- 10% by containers; Basis: CFR; Period of delivery: Bill of lading dated: 
The above contract was prepared by broker, agreed by the parties and the contract signed. Buyer paid prepayment 10% from amount of the contract. Seller has fulfilling all the conditions of the contract as well as respecting contracts GAFTA 88. Buyer had access to the cargo at assistance of the broker and brokers expenses (service accommodation, meeting, travelling to staffing places) during loading of the container in place stuffing of containers, labelling verification (buyer's label attached to each bag) and sampling .

Draft of the Bill of Lading and other shipping documents have been send to buyer in time and buyer confirm to issue BL as per draft with HS code 100790 (which apply as ordinary sorghum) on 02/12/201_.

Based on draft of shipping documents Seller issued original. Seller sent and Buyer received of scanned copy of shipping documents on 11/12/201_. Buyer have to pay within 2 working days following contract singed: Balance payment within 2 banking days against presentation of original shipping documents to Buyer by fax or scanned original copy by e-mail.
Buyer confirmed payment over Viber with value date on 16/12/201_ but not paid in time due to Buyer’s limit in bank expired on 12/12/201_ (as per information from buyer via Viber). Against payment buyer send correction on 18/12/201_ for Bill of Lading to change HS code 12092980 (which apply as inoculum sorghum seeds) instead of HS code HS code 100790 (which apply as ordinary sorghum) without confirmation to pay additional expenses for reissue BL. Against payment buyer send correction for Phitosanitary certificate on 23/12/201_ with request to issue one  certificate for total quantity. 

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