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Given brokerage portal PAS&Trade serves for establishment of business relations between the companies of various orientation and for interaction on mutually advantageous conditions.

It is quite natural, that the first accessible information will be about managers of a site and our partners.
We will place contact data of your company if it will be logic addition of the given project and will serve its development and development of your company.
PAS&Trade portal is constantly supplemented with new information. If you are interested in certain additional information on data of the section, if it is not breaking principles of confidentiality, we can present it according to inquiry.

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In accordance with a contract #
Period of delivery:

Seller executed the obligations after the giving of commodity in port of loading and to the grant of necessary documents, to what testifies:
- Invoice № for the amount of  USD
- FCR - # dated ____ for the tonnage ____ MT.

Buyer partly paid as per invoice on ____ to the amount of ______ USD and on ______ to the amount of _________ USD
Coming from foregoing the Buyer did not execute the obligations in obedience to the terms of contract, namely:
-    100% contract value did not pay full amount within 3 days from the day of presentation of documents on _____. Delay of payment through fault of Customer from _____ till _______.
-    did not pay fully charges for the transactions.
-    did not present vessel for loading in contractual period of ________
-    Did not inquiry for the extension of delivery as per FOSFA 53 point 12. EXTENSION: Buyers shall be entitled to an extension of the original contract delivery period not exceeding 15 days in which to provide suitable freight. Notice of such extension shall be given to Sellers as soon as possible but not later than the last business day of the original contract delivery period. {jcomments on}

First letter.

Our company as charterer executed all conditions of the agreement of chartering and your claims as a carrier not reasonable and not subject to satisfaction on next reasons:

Following a decision: CABINET of MINISTERS of UKRAINE, DECISION, From May, 12 in 2007 № 705. An ORDER of realization of review, inspection, analysis, fumigation and inspection (registration of phitosanitary and quarantine certificates) of adjusting objects is in the field of quarantine of plants.

MINISTRY of AGRARIAN POLICY of UKRAINE. ORDER. on Augusts, 23 in 2005 N 414
About claim of the phitosanitary rules of import from abroad, transportation within the limits of country, transit, export, to the order of processing and realization of subquarantine materials
In accordance with the article of a 11 Law of Ukraine About the quarantine of plants.
In obedience to Statute about Central scientifically - the experienced quarantine laboratory, zonal quarantine laboratories, regional and municipal quarantine laboratories" ratified by an order from 18.05.10р. №97 (document attached) point to a 9.10 regulating duration of realization of analysis in the flow of 3 days.

2 Samples, which presented to the laboratory for examination, must be selected, directly, by a government inspector from the quarantine of plants in accordance with DSTU3355-96 (document attached).

Dear Visitors.

This letter of protest sent to buyer without prejudges due to non payment/ delay for goods withing 21 days and buyer's request to make correction and documnets which against contract.

Dear Mr. ,
Ref: CONTRACT No.,  Dated,  
Seller:, Buyer:  

mt +/- 10% by containers; Basis: CFR; Period of delivery: Bill of lading dated: 
The above contract was prepared by broker, agreed by the parties and the contract signed. Buyer paid prepayment 10% from amount of the contract. Seller has fulfilling all the conditions of the contract as well as respecting contracts GAFTA 88. Buyer had access to the cargo at assistance of the broker and brokers expenses (service accommodation, meeting, travelling to staffing places) during loading of the container in place stuffing of containers, labelling verification (buyer's label attached to each bag) and sampling .

Draft of the Bill of Lading and other shipping documents have been send to buyer in time and buyer confirm to issue BL as per draft with HS code 100790 (which apply as ordinary sorghum) on 02/12/201_.

Based on draft of shipping documents Seller issued original. Seller sent and Buyer received of scanned copy of shipping documents on 11/12/201_.

Behavioural typology of companies in terms of trade could be divided into 3 areas.
1. Master. Ready, Willing, Able (RWA) to trade. Typically, these companies value the partnership and almost never stop despite the fact that the contract price is competitive, but not the highest. We talk about them will not. Here the rule is simple - the word gave - Run.
2. Lone Wolf. The activity of this type of companies is high, but the impact is low because they are looking for the maximum price limits (very cheap to buy and sell the most expensive). The liability is, but usually its threshold is low enough. They are looking for long goods, requesting prices, but rarely enter into contracts (marketing) that takes a lot of time at the other side and effectiveness is virtually absent (contracts not concluded). For these companies allocated a place of honor in the Black List. Too much on them spent working time that the placement on the site, though time-consuming, but it is not bad.
3. Black list. This is necessary so to get it to get here. Can be described simply - nothing is sacred. Gladly accommodated and stand out from everyone.We do not work with agricultural company which bridge contracts, soft corporate offer, draft of the contract or other obligations during negotiation, conclusion and/ or execution of the contract.
Company Name:               Address:                                      Director:

black list

Terminal offers to you an accumulation, storage and transshipment of cereals, oilseeds and feed-stuff.

A terminal is meant for transshipments of goods from a railway and trucks, drying and separation of goods with the subsequent shipping them on seagoing vessel. A terminal allows to make transshipment on ships with the using of river barges (side -side) on the roads of River Sea port.Loading of river barges on a terminal is carried out at own berth long 66 m, that allows to make loading of one barge/ship a carrying capacity to 1200 tons with a subsequent transshipment on port roads. Depth of waterway on the roads of River Sea port 7,5 m, that provides passing vessels a carrying capacity to 15000 tons. A presence on moorage of equipment for shipping of goods on barge/ship enables unloading 1500 tons of goods in 24 hours. The advantageous location of grain terminal furthers export of goods through the Black sea.

Allows to carry out basic technical descriptions and technological process of terminal:
1. receiving of goods by trucks 1500 mt per 24 hours, wagons 500 per 24 hours;
2. receiving of goods by RW wagons 500 per 24 hours;
3. loading of goods into trucks 1000 mt per 24 hours;
4. loading of goods on barges 1500 mt per 24 hours;
5. separate or general storage of goods up to 22000 mt based on the order of Principals
6. separator cleaning of goods to standard or export/ import contract condition – 100 mt per hour;
7. drying of goods to export/ import condition for safe storage and carriage: cereals 43 mt per hour with decreasing 4% humidity; oilseeds 54 mt per hour with decreasing 1% humidity;
8. loading of goods on sea going vessel oilseeds 800/ cereals 1500 mt per 24 hours,
9. loading of goods into containers to be negotiated with Principal.

Offer for Transshipment at sea port, Ukraine

Hopefully you have had a full opportunity to become acquainted with the goods exported from Ukraine. We are exhibited agricultural commodities from Ukraine at
Gulfood, Dubai
FI Europe, Paris, France.
Thanks for visiting us and we hope to have both side beneficial businesses with your company.

In order to follow you inquiry please update your demands indicating: commodity; packing: quality; quantity; destination:
and any other information which could be useful for future offers/ contracts.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question or doubt you may have and future negotiation.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.
I suggest to consider suggestion for realization business of project: "Organization of supplying with grain-growing products and oilseeds cultures of Ukrainian origin from the Ukrainian company of supplier, through the company of non-resident or other, that will be specified by an investor or created jointly with an investor". More detailed information about a collaboration, placed below.
Offer for Forwarding contracts:
Potential of the Ukrainian farmer market of production of grain-growing goods is large, enough, that on him not to pay attention. About 7 % cereals and 9% oilseeds commodities in Ukraine produced by farms in Ukraine.
Closely working with Association of farmers and landed interests of Ukraine and Union of cooperative stores of Ukraine, LLC has the opportunity to provide a fruitful collaboration on a purchase and forming of large commodity parties of any grain-growing products and cultures for the necessities of your enterprise.
LLC ready to offer to Your company the sale of products on a forward:

This article is for trading of Feed-stuff commodities, Mixed Fodder in 25 kg PP bags on Incoterms 2010 basis (DDU, CFR, CIF).
The Producer are ready to offer/ SCO, negotiate terms of the contract to sell, supply, transfer commodities Mixed Fodder.
The Buyer to be ready to buy/ LOI, purchase and receive commodity.
Quality to be mention in trade lot as per specification agreed. Sound and fair merchantable. Free from abnormal smell.
Quality and Quantity of the goods are final at loading based on quality certificate issued by inspection company ordered and paid by seller.
Shipment by 20 or 40 FCLS, containers, trucks on DDU, CFR, CIF delivery.
Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents.
Payment: 100% Cash Against Documents (INCASSO bank to bank), Letter of Credit at sight, UCP 600 or Cash Against Fax Documents (10/90).

We have partnership with Feed Mill Plant of the new generation for all types of poultry, livestock and fish. The plant was put into operation with a full capacity of 10 tons per hour. Locatin of plant is Ukraine. 
feed mill
During the construction of the plant laid claim to the high-quality of the produced animal feed and

PASvTrade is my trade portal PAS (Professionalism Accuracy, Service)vTrade. Web-site done myself based on more them 40 years personal education and experience ( consulting, trading, brokerage, shipping, carriage). Main activity is brokerage as per GTAS (GAFTA TRADE ASSURANCE SCHEME) Brokerage. Trading portal are presented to trade commodities, help understanding traders each other, improve knowledge’s and to conclude contact as per common rules excepted worldwide. 

Sections of Portal: B2B Trade. We are trading commodities at B2B Trade. Lots combined in Categories (Cereals, Oilseeds, Pulses and ect.); . Sub-categories exp. Cereals (Wheat, Barley, Corm and ect.); Trade lot commodity show trade details.  If you are willing to buy or sell goods please send inquiry from form Contact Autour on the end of trade lot you are interesting in or via Registration.

- Principal. This Section is for user registration, managment, mailing and etc.,

- Specifications. This Section is for commodities standard.

The list of products our company working with:
- Cereals – Millet (red, yellow), Sorghum (white, red), Oats, Canary Seeds, Barley, Yellow Corn, Rye, Wheat;
- Oilseeds – Sunflower (stripped, confectionery, for oil) Soybeans, , Rapeseeds, Gold and Brown Flax-oil seeds, Yellow and White and Black Mustard seeds;
- Pulses – Yellow and Green Peas, Chickpeas 6+ 8+, Vetch, Green Lentils;
- Vegoil – Refined and Crude Sunoil (in bulk, PET), Rapeoil, Soyoil;
- Foodstuff – Coriander (whole, split), Sunflower Kernels (bakery, confectionery), Walnuts (whole, kernels), Wheat flour, Rye flour, Beet Sugar;
- Feedstuff - Wheat Bran, Sunflower and Soya Meal, Sunflower and Soya Cake, Sugar Beet Pulp;  

List of agro commodities is not limited by above. Trade leads given on a portal, express the position of the Principals. Prices subject to change without notice, prices valid for limited time only or until stock/demand lasts. You can send inquiry based on trade lots available on Trade page or based on your own demand. 

PAS (Professional Accuracy Service) and Trade is Trade Portal. There is Dynamic portal at Trade section. 5 steps how to make offer/ bid.
1 Registration, confirmation (you have to confirm your registration by link in email sent to you) and login
2 Add trade lot (after save will receive email) and approval from admin (after publish/ unpublish lot your will be notify) - temporarily Admin will add trade lots on your behalf based on your inquiry and notify you in time.
3 Your trade lots are ready for correction vCard - list (login 1st)
4 Your trade lot visible in Trade section (vCard) and Category
5 Full details of your trade lot with Contact Form available in full view.

1. Registration is allow adjust yours trade lot any time based on the market situations any time Section PrincipalMy TradeYour Trade Lots presented or corrected have to be approve by Admin.
2. Visitors and/or Principals can send feed back to the owner of the trade lot using form Contact Author located after each trade lot or Link Send Inquiry at vCard. This is feed back to Admin and to Owner of Trade Lot. 
3. Commercial lots express the position of Principals. There are trade lots to be considering as inquiry and ground for future LOI/ SCO or ICPO/ FCO. 

Structure of Trade Portal: Trade Lots combined in Categories (Cereals, Oilseeds, Pulses and ect.); . Sub-categories exp. Cereals (Wheat, Barley, Corm and ect.); Trade lot commodity show trade details. Main focus is to work with team of sellers, buyers and service companies interested in trading of commodities by vessels, trucks, wagons or in containers on Incoterms basis. Please do not hesitate to contact Administrator for support. If you cannot find the correct category or there is no such category, please add your commodity to any and the Administrator will correct it.

Dear Clients and Visitors,

Important to know. I created web hosting, trade portal with 1000 pages for support of your business mean I need principal and order/ inquiry in which to be mention what you expect from me. Do not waste time, send company profile and commodity details such as name, packing, quantity, quality, destination, target price and I will do my best to fulfill your inquiry. I can begin to work only after verification of your company.

Service. Questions connected with the arrangement of information and support on the web site you may ask
For service we shall try to execute any your inquiry with the maximal benefit for your business.
The Internet Commerce, International trade, Contracts, Negotiations.
The list of services for international trade.
1.    Way and method of the organization of the enterprise.
2.    Presence of the company on the specified region of the world.
3.    Creation of a commercial site.
4.    Advertising of a site (company).
5.    Advertising in territory of the CIS.

6.    Advertising in the international market
7.    Support of business activity of the company.
8.    Training of the personnel.

Marketing the international market for the specified goods
1.    Requirements to quality of the goods, the international standards and regional standards.
2.    Samples, catalogues, booklets.
3.    The prices of the international market (EXW, FOB, CIF and reception price list).
4.    Support of marketing of the international market on the goods by the month.

Negotiations with contractors (potential partners).


Arbitration and governing law.
   Сontract is made upon the terms, conditions and rules of contract GAFTA 49 and arbitration rules GAFTA 125 in force at the date of this contract, of which the parties admit that they have knowledge and notice, and the details above given shall be taken as having been written into such contract form in the appropriate place. Any special terms and conditions contained herein and/or attached hereto shall be treated as if written on such contract form and shall prevail in so far as they may be inconsistent with the printed clauses of such contract form.
   Any dispute arising out of or under this Contract shall be referred to arbitration in London and shall be dealt with in accordance with the arbitration rules under English law and pursuant to GAFTA 125 rules mentioned above.

Trading portal PASvTrade has come itself and can be interpreted as priority (PAS), Professionalism Accuracy, Service (PAS). 25 years with which experience came. Now I have desire and an opportunity to transfer and share working experience with you. Main focus is to work with team of sellers, buyer, and service companies interested in trading cereals, pulses, oilseeds, foodstuff, feedstuff, and etc. by vessels, trucks, wagons or in containers on Incoterms 2010 basis.

Given section serves for establishment  of business relations between the companies of various orientation and for interaction on mutually advantageous conditions.
It is quite natural, that the first accessible information will be about managers of a site and our partners.

We will place contact data of your company if it will be logic addition of the given project and will serve its development and development of your company.
Section Contacts is constantly supplemented with new information. If you are interested in certain additional information on data of the section, if it’s not breaking principles of confidentiality, we can present it according to your inquiry.