Contract of selling commodities - Sunflower seed meal in bulk. Incoterms CPT CARRIAGE PAID TO (... named place of destination) Contract could be present for you based on specific condition of your commodity and terms. 
The Seller and the Buyer have this day entered into a Contract on the following terms and conditions:
COMMODITY: Sunflower seed meal in bulk (hereinafter referred to as Goods), produced from crop , origin Ukraine.
QUANTITY: 3.000 (three thousand) metric tons 5 % more or less at Buyer's option.
QUALITY/WEIGHT: Goods is to be merchantable, free of infestation and foreign smell, free from alive insects and to correspond to the following characteristics:
Moisture: 10 %, max.
Fat: 2 %,  max.
Protein(on dry basis): 36 % , min.
Fibers: 18 %, max 

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