Mass fraction of phosphorus compounds in recalculation of stearooleoletsitin: absent
Colour number, mg I: no more than -10,00
Moisture and volatile matter,%: no more than 0,10
Fatless admixtures, %: absent
Flash point, t˚ C: more 234
Iodine value , g/j100gr: 125-145
Unsaponiflable matter, %: 1,0
Aflatoxins B1, mg/kg: no more than 0,005
Zearalenon, mg/kg: no more than 1,0
DDT ,mg/kg: no more than 0,1

Fatty acid composition, %
C16 Palmitic: 3,0-10,0
C18 Stearic: 1,0-10,0
C18:1 Oleic: 14,0-35,0
C18:2 Linoleic: 50,0-75,0
C20 Arachidic: less 1,5

Heavy metals, mg/kg, no more than,
Cu: 0,5
Pb: 0,1
Cd: 0,05
As: 0,1
Hg: 0,03
Fe: 5,0

Radioactive elements:
Cs137, Bg/kg: 600
Sr90, Bg/kg: 200

Sunflower Oil Refined and Deodorized Winterized, Mark P
DSTU (Ukrainian national standardization system) 4492:2005

Sunflower oil is edible and destined for realization through outlet chains, when producing hydrogenated and interesterified fats, margarine, mayonnaise and other foodstuff. 
In the manufacture of sunflower oil are used sunflower seeds according to GOST 22391.

Organoleptical and physicochemical parameters
Odour and taste - Impersonal oil taste, without odour
Clarity - Clear without precipitates
Colour value, max. mg Iodine: 10
Acid value, max.:
- during production release mg Cohn/g 0,25
- at the end of storage time mg Cohn/g 0,60

Peroxide value, max.:
- during production release 1/2 o millimole/kg 2,0
- at the end of storage time  1/2 o millimole/kg 10,0

Mass fraction of phosphoprous-containing matters, in equivalent of stearic oleolecitin % None
Mass fraction of nonoleaginous impurity % None
Mass fraction of moisture and coal-volatile matters, max. % 0,10
Storage time and conditions: 12 months in the dark and closed place at the temperature from +8 to +20°С.

The product is clean as to radiation. Toxic elements and microtoxins do not exceed the level of microbiological requirements.
Kind and grade: Packed and deodorized, grade P.
Date of filling or Lot No.:
Transparency: transparent
Odour and taste: bland
Colour value, iodine mg: 5
Acid-degree value, mg KOH/g: 0.22
Peroxide number, mmol/kg: 0.50
Weight fraction:
- non-fat admixtures, %: none
- phosphorus-containing substances recalculated to stearinoleocytyne,%: none
- moisture and light substances, %: none 
Soap (qualitative test): none
Excessive organochlorine pesticides, mg/kg:
Hexachlorane (isomers total):
DDT: (total of isomers and metabolites): none
Heptachlor (heptachlor epoxide):
Flash point of the extracted oil, 0C:
Sunflower seed oil meets requirements of the State standard of Ukraine (DSTU) 4492:2005.
Guaranteed shelf life of bottled oil: 12 months after the bottling date; 1.5 months if filled in barrels and flasks.
Guarantee of the Supplier
The Supplier is to guarantee that the Sunflower seed oil meets requirements of the DSTU 4492:2005.
In case the transportation and storage conditions have been adhered to, the following shelf life (as of the filling date) periods are established: Bottled product – 12 months.
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