Foreign matter: max 2 %
Damaged: max 5 %
included heat damaged: max 1 %

5. Period of shipment.
Shipment 27th December – 07th January 2008 both dates included.

Continuation available upon request

Commodity :    Maize.

Transaction Type :    Firm offer from Limited, to S.A., Paris and shall be valid till today 16 February 2001 16:00hrs Rotterdam time.

Delivery Option :    Parcel. Part-shipments not allowed (in case shipment shall take place by means of barges, buyer shall take delivery by means of 1 combination of pusher and barges).

Quantity :    5.000 metric tons 5% more or less in buyer's option at contract price.
Weight :    Weight final at time and place of loading as per certificates issued by a 1st class superintendent at seller's choice and seller's expense.
Origin :    Ukrainian.
Quality :    Goods shall be sound, loyal and merchantable and free from alive weevils / insects and from foreign smell.
Quality/ Condition final at the time and place of loading as per certificates issued by a 1st class superintendent at seller's choice and seller's expense.
Moisture : max 14,5 %
Broken Kernels : 6 %
Admixture : max 2 %
Damaged Kernels : 6 %
Other Grains : max 3 %

Delivery Type :    Shipment.      From 10 - April - 200_ till 30 - April – 200_.

Buyer to supply seller with 9, 7 and 5 days notice of vessel’s estimated arrival.

Price :    Flat at 118 US Dollars per metric ton.

Trade Term :    FOB stowed & trimmed.

Place of Loading :    .

Payment Term :    100% Net cash against presentation of full sett of documents (as mentioned below under “Documents”).
To secure payment buyer’s bank (CITY,  ZURICH) shall open a Letter of Indemnity / Bank Guarantee, for an amount of USD 619.500,00 and shall be valid untill 30 May 2001.
Such Bank Guarantee shall be opened latest 15 days prior to commencement of shipment period.
All banking charges for opening Bank Guarantee are for buyer’s account.
Contract Form :    Gafta no. 64+125.

Special Condition :    
Load/ Discharge Gurantee : Seller guarantees a loadrate of 1.000mts per WWD SSHEX EIU.

Laytime :
Laytime starts to count as from 07:30hrs on the next working day after receipt of written NOR during ordinary office hours from 09:00 till 17:00hrs from Monday till Friday (unless a Holiday), WIBON/WIPON/WIFPON/WICCON.

Demurrage :
Demurrage as per relevant Charter Party, but demurrage max. USD 3.000/per day. Despatch always half demurrage.

Documents :    3/3 Bill(s) of Lading
Certificate of Origin
Certificate of Quality/ Condition
Commercial Invoice, duly stamped/signed
Non-GMO Certificate, issued by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine INTERDEPARTMENTAL COMMISSION ON BIOSAFETY
Non-radiation Certificate, stating that the level of radioactivity is less than 100 Bq/kg
Phytosanitary Certificate, issued by official authorities in Ukraine
Veterinary Certificate, issued by Ministry of Agroindustrial Complex (State Department of Veterinary Medicine)
Weight Certificate

Validity :    16 - February - 200_  16:00 Rotterdam Time.

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