6.2. The total value of the Contract is USD ’000.00 10 % more or less.

7.1. Terms of goods delivery is FOB port of , Ukraine (INСOTERMS), stowed and trimmed.
7.2. Period of delivery is   12–17, 200_, both dates inclusive.
7.3. Shipment of goods has to be done on one vessel and at one safe berth.
7.4. Cargo for transshipment on board of vessel may be delivered in rail wagons or in barges.   

The Buyer makes payments for goods in US dollars by means of money transfer at  currency account, stated by the Seller, within two bank working days after:
8.1.  90 % of goods cost –  upon forwarding company presents to the Buyer:
    Forwarder’s Certificate of Receipt (FCR), where it must be stated that contractual quantity of goods is stored at  silo for further shipment in Buyer’s address;
    Seller’s commercial invoice for 90% of goods value.
8.2. Balance of payment, plus/minus contractual tolerance, depending on the final
quantity of goods delivered, - upon completion of vessel's loading and presentation to the forwarding company the following shipment documents:
Full set of B/L;
    Commercial invoice for balance of payment;
    Certificate of quality, issued by the Ukrainian State Grain Inspection
    Certificate of origin, issued by the  Russian Chamber of Commerce;
    Phytosanitary Certificate, issued by the official Ukrainian Quarantine Inspection;
    Veterinary Certificate, issued by the official Ukrainian Veterinary Inspection;
    Certificate of Radioactivity, issued by the Ukrainian State Grain Inspection.
    Weight and Quality Certificates from the first class superintendent company - as to item 5.2 of the present Contract.
    Certificate of fumigation, issued by the independent Fumigation Company.
     All additional shipment documents – in accordance with Buyer’s instructions. All shipment documents are to be issued in English.
8.3. Detailed documents instructions, including list of binding documents, number of originals and copies, shall be given to the Seller not later than 1 days prior vessel lives the port of loading.
8.4. Payment is considered completed after receipt of payment at Seller’s account.
 Bank charges for money transfer are at Buyer's expense.

9.1. The Seller has to inform the Buyer in written about goods’ readiness for shipment from silo to the port. Upon receipt this notice, the Buyer within 10 days must nominate vessel and let the Seller know in written form about ETA of vessel in loadport.
9.2. The Buyer has to provide the Seller in good time with information about vessel's name, flag, deadweight, main characteristics, ETA, country and port of destination and with another necessary information. Characteristics of vessel are to correspond to the port's customs.
9.3. The Seller warrants a minimum rate of loading on vessel within weather working day, Saturdays, Sundays, general and local holidays excepted, unless used, in the quantity 1500 МТ.
9.4. Laydays to count as per Charter Party after vessel's Notice of Readiness (N.O.R.) is tendered. If the vessel presents N.O.R. before noon time, time to count the same day at 02:00 PM; if after noon - at 08:00 AM on the next working day.
Time from Friday 05:00 PM (or from 05:00 PM on the working day preceding the holiday) until 08:00 AM on Monday (or next working day following the holiday) time not to count unless used
9.5. Demurrage and dispatch are in accordance with C/P.

10.1. Should any force major circumstances arise which prevent the complete or partial fulfilment by any of the parties of their respective obligations under this Contract, namely: fire, flood, earthquake, wars, strikes, local power actions, embargo, currency limitations, season natural phenomena, in particular, freezing of sea, straits, ports, closing of ways, straits etc. the time stipulated of the obligations shall be extended for a period equal to that during which circumstances will remain in force.
10.2. If the above circumstances continue to be in force for more than 3 months each party shall have the right to renounce to any further fulfilment of the obligations under this Contract and in such case neither of the parties shall have the right to make a demand upon the another party for the compensation of any possible damages.
10.3. The party for whom it becomes impossible to meet its obligations under this Con-tract shall immediately, however, not latter than 5 business days after the commence-ment of such circumstances, inform about it another party. Late notification about force major circumstances deprives the corresponding party of the right to refer to them sub-sequently.
Certificate issued by the respective Chamber of Commerce of the Seller's or Buyer's country shall be sufficient proof of such circumstances and their duration.
10.4. Coming of a.m. circumstances does not release the Buyer to pay goods delivered before such circumstances arisen.  

11.1. All disputes and disagreements which may arise out of or in connection with this Contract, on which the parties can not reach a consent by means of negotiations, shall be settled in Arbitration in accordance with arbitration conditions and rules of the contract GAFTA 125.

12.1. The Seller guarantees export license or any other permission, which may be re-quired by the Ukrainian authorities.
12.2. All export taxes, levies, duties, etc. in Ukraine are paid by the Seller.  

13.1. This Contract hereto contains the entire understanding of the Parties with respect to its subject matter, and replaces any previous agreement made either orally or in writ-ing in connection therewith. The present Contract is signed in accordance with the terms of INCOTERMS’90.
13.2. The Contract shall come into force since the date of its signing and is valid upon to both parties fulfill their obligations.
13.3. All amendments and alternations in this Contract are valid only in written form and should be signed by the authorized representatives of both parties.
13.4. The Contract in general and all documents connected with it, transmitted by fax, are valid upon they changed by originals.
13.5. Upon signing the present Contract, all preceding talks and correspondence on it lose their force.
13.6. All other terms and conditions, not conflicting with the items of the present Con-tract, must correspond to the conditions and rules of the contract GAFTA 64.
13.7. The present Contract has been drawn up in English in two copies, having equal le-gal force.

THE SELLER: Director: ___________
THE BUYER: Director: ____________
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