Trade AGRI Goods

Portal for trading (sell, puchase) commodities: Cereals, Fodder, Food, Oil seeds, Pulses, Vegetable oils.
Trade Lots
presented at web-site based on inquiry from seller (ask, offer) or buyer (bid, buy).
Registered principals can see prices (ask, bid) and send inquiry via Contact Autour at detail view of trade lot.
Terms and Brokerage conditions at link.

Offer, Coriander, Seeds, LKAcontainer, bag16. 10. 2018thumb_fo-coriander-ruRussia70MT0usd/mtCFRAsiaAutour
Buy, Corn, Yellow, CHIcontainer, bulk16. 10. 2018thumb_ce-corn-yellowUkraine300MT0usd/mtCFRAsiaAutour
Buy, Linseed, Brown, ECcontainer, bulk16. 10. 2018thumb_oi-flax-oil-brown2Ukraine75MT0usd/mtCFREuropeAutour
Offer, Wheat Flour, Ash 0.75, UAEcontainer, bag16. 10. 2018thumb_fo-flour-wheat2Ukraine500MT0usd/mtCFRcall inquiryAutour
Offer, Wheat Flour, Ash 0.55, UAEcontainer, bag16. 10. 2018thumb_fo-flour-wheat2Ukraine500MT380usd/mtCFRAdenAutour
Offer, Rye Flour, UAcontainer, bag16. 10. 2018thumb_fo-flour-ryeUkraine200MT0usd/mtFCAUkraine or CFRAutour
Buy, Barley, Feed, AFvessel, bulk16. 10. 2018thumb_ce-barley2Ukraine5000MT0usd/mtCFRSouth MedAutour
Buy, Barley, Human, AFcontainer, bag16. 10. 2018thumb_ce-barley2Ukraine1000MT0usd/mtCFRSouth MedAutour
Offer, Chickpea, caliber, 7+, UAcontainer, bulk16. 10. 2018thumb_pu-chickpea-acUkraine300MT630usd/mtCFRBulgaria or CFRAutour
Buy, Peas, Yellow, MYScontainer, bulk10. 10. 2018thumb_pu-peas-yellow2Ukraine500MT0usd/mtCFRAsiaAutour