Sell, Soft Wheat, 11.5, V, UA

Price 168.00
Packing: Vessel, in bulk
Trade: Offer
Dated: 12.01.2017
Origin: Ukraine
QTY: 5000
Units: MT
Rate: usd/mt
Place: Black Sea Port, Ukraine
The SELLER are ready to offer, negotiate terms of the contract to sell, supply, transfer commodities and are looking for Buyer which ready to buy, purchase and receive commodity. 
quality of 
Ukrainian milling wheat of the group A of 3rd class with following specifications:
Protein (on dry matter basis Nx5.7) : 11.5% Min
Moisture: max. 14%
Foreign matter: max. 2%
Test weight: min.76 kg/hl
Bug Damaged: max.2%
Wet Gluten(ISO 21415-1) min.21%
Shipment by vessel.  Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 3000 mt
Payment: Letter of Credit at sight or Cash Against Documents or CAFD (20/80).

Each shipped Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents as follows:
1. Full set 3/3 Shipped on board B/L issued to order and marked Freight prepaid;
2. Signed Commercial Invoice.
3. Certificate of quality;
4. Certificate of Origin issues by the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
5. Fumigation Certificate by relevant authority;
6. Phytosanitary Certificate issued by official authority.
7. Signed Packing list;
Quality and Quantity of the goods are final at staffing in containers based on quality certificate issued by FOSFA member inspection company ordered and paid by seller.

Please send order on FOB Basis
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